Implementation Team on Prevention and Response to Sexual Violence

I. Overview

Building upon the recommendations of the final report of the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Working Group, released June 2015, the implementation team is responsible for exercising oversight of, and setting priorities and timelines for, implementing the report’s recommendations. More specifically, the committee will:

  • Determine resource requirements related to each recommendation.
  • Assess budgetary and organizational impact for any new initiatives.
  • Ensure the university is compliant with all government regulations.
  • Evaluate priorities and set realistic timelines for implementation.
  • The implementation team will work in consultation with the working group and its policy subcommittee.

  II. Membership  

Name Title
C. Fitzgerald  Assistant Dean, Student Life and Learning 
M. Green Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic)
TBA Student Sexual Violence and Bystander Intervention Coordinator 
L. Knox University Secretary  
B. Lotan Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Coordinator 
M. Martinez President, Alma Mater Society
T. Morrison President, Society of Graduate and Professional Students
K. Murphy Director, Risk Management
T. Shearer Deputy Provost (Academic Operations and Inclusion) 
H. Smith Ombudsman
S. Simpson Executive Director (Human Rights and Equity Offices) and University Advisor on Equity and Human Rights
M. Straznicky Professor, Department of English and Associate Dean, School of Graduate Studies 
A. Tierney     Vice-Provost and Dean of Student Affairs

Co-Chair: Mark Green, Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic)
Co-Chair: Teri Shearer, Deputy Provost (Academic Operations and Inclusion)
Secretary: TBA