Provost's Advisory Committee on Mental Health

I. Terms of Reference

Building upon the recommendations of the Final Report of the Principal’s Commission on Mental Health (PCMH – issued November 2012), this committee is responsible for coordinating, reviewing and reporting on the progress of mental health initiatives across the university. More specifically, the committee will, in the context of the recommendations of the PCMH Final Report:

  • Evaluate priorities
  • Determine resource requirements relative to those priorities
  • Assess budgetary and organizational impacts of new initiatives
  • Promote the streaming of relevant policies, protocols and processes
  • Identify opportunities for collaboration, and foster potential synergies, both internal and external to the university
  • Develop appropriate metrics for reporting on progress of mental health initiatives

The committee will prepare a report annually, to be submitted, for information, to Senate, to the Board of Trustees, and to the wider Queen's community.