Image - Running in the fall on Queen's campus. Image courtesy of the Queen's Image Bank.

A collaborative, campus-wide initiative to advance, encourage and support a culture of wellbeing at Queen's

Queen's University is committed to fostering a culture of wellbeing for all who live, learn and work on our campuses - students, staff and faculty. In 2019-2020, the University undertook an initiative to develop a campus-wide wellness framework. 

A Campus Wellbeing Framework was released in November 2020 by the Provost’s Advisory Committee on Wellness, and endorsed by the university’s Senior Leadership Team. This framework is in alignment with the Queen's strategic goals and values.

Implementation of the Campus Wellbeing Framework is an ongoing effort that includes:

The Framework - Background

The Campus Wellbeing Framework is the result of six months of consultations in 2019-20 with Queen’s students, staff and faculty,  and represents the shared wellbeing vision of more than 1,800 Queen’s community members who told the Campus Wellness Project team that campus wellbeing is rooted in a culture of care, inclusion and respect, social connectedness, the place we learn and work and in the multiple dimensions of personal health.

The framework is an interrelated set of principles and priority focus areas to help, support and encourage a culture of wellbeing for all who live, learn, and work at Queen’s. It aligns with the Okanagan Charter, which Queen’s adopted in January 2019. The charter calls on post-secondary institutions to embed health and wellbeing in all aspects of campus culture, and to lead human and environmental wellbeing promotion action, locally and globally.

We have welcomed your involvement in the Queen's Campus Wellness Project. Thank you for your commitment to campus wellbeing.



Celebrating Champions for Mental Health

Educators and staff members play a strong role in supporting and advancing student mental health. The Champions for Mental Health program is a student-led initiative, responding to both student feedback and clear research calling for increased mental health promotion in academics, in addition to other campus environments. 

Learn more and nominate a Champion for Mental Health