QSSET Survey

QSSET Survey

The online survey solicits student feedback about instructors for two purposes:

  • to help Instructors improve their teaching and
  • to help Unit Heads and Deans evaluate the job performance of Queen's faculty for salary increase, contract renewal, tenure, and promotion

The instructor will see only the anonymized numerical scores and written comments from the survey. Unit Heads and Deans will see only an aggregate of the numerical scores.

Notice to students about inappropriate comments:

The QSSET is your opportunity to provide vital feedback about your learning experience as it is affected by pedagogy, course content, and course materials. Written comments are especially valuable. However, the QSSET is not an opportunity to make comments that are disrespectful, demeaning, discriminatory or harassing in nature. Surveys containing such comments will be discarded and will form no part of the evaluation process.

The full survey can be viewed here:

QSSET Survey (PDF, 133KB)