Provost's Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee

I. Mandate and Responsibilities

A. Mandate

The Provost Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee (PTLAC) is responsible for advising the Office of the Provost on all matters related to teaching and learning. This committee will use an inclusive and collegial work process to provide a forum for positive dialogue, consultation, and decision-making regarding teaching and learning priorities, initiatives, and policies.

B. Major Responsibilities

  1. To advise the Office of the Provost on all matters regarding teaching and learning.
  2. To formulate and recommend to the Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic) institutional policy and priorities on teaching and learning.
  3. To ensure alignment between teaching and learning services and faculties' priorities.
  4. To advise University-wide initiatives in support of teaching and learning.
  5. To ensure appropriate communication and collaboration among faculties and shared services with regard to matters of teaching and learning.

II. Membership 

Members will be appointed by the Vice-Provost (Teaching and Learning).

C. Membership

  • Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning), Faculty of Arts and Science
  • Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning), Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science Vice Dean (Education), Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Associate Dean, Faculty of Law
  • Associate Dean, Faculty of Education
  • Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning), Smith School of Business
  • Associate Dean, School of Graduate Studies
  • Associate Vice-Principal, Indigenous Initiatives
  • Associate Vice-Principal (Human Rights, Equity, and Inclusion)
  • Vice-Provost and Executive Director, Bader College
  • Vice-Provost and Dean, Student Affairs
  • Chief Information Officer, Information Technology Services
  • Additional members as deemed necessary and recommended by the Vice-Provost (Teaching and Learning)

D. Corresponding Members

Appointed students will serve as corresponding members.

E. Responsibilities of Members

All members will participate actively in the committee by:

  • Reviewing all pre-circulated material
  • Attending at least 70% of the meetings (in person or by distance)
  • Participating in sub-committees, task forces, or special interest groups, as required
  • Communicating committee activities and decisions as appropriate

F. Term of Membership

Appointed members will normally serve a three-year term, renewable once.

G. Chair

The Vice-Provost (Teaching and Learning) will chair the committee.

Duties of the Chair:

  1. To chair all meetings
  2. To be responsible for the development and approval of meeting minutes
  3. To develop agenda for all meetings
  4. To monitor follow-up of all committee decisions
  5. To determine timing and extent of communication
  6. To orient new committee members

H. Administrative Support and Communication

Administrative support will be provided by the Office of the Provost.

III. Meeting Procedures

I. Meeting Schedule and Procedural Issues

  1. Meetings will be held on a monthly basis, or as needed.
  2. Agenda and meeting materials will be circulated in advance.
  3. The minutes will be kept and pre-circulated before each meeting.
  4. The chair may invite non-committee members to address specific issues.

J. Conflict of Interest

Members are expected to declare a conflict of interest if their real or perceived personal interests might be seen to influence their ability to assess any matter before the committee objectively. They can do so either by personal declaration at the beginning of a meeting or in writing to the Chair. They will be excused from any decisions regarding the matter in question. The declaration and absences will be recorded in the minutes.

K. Decision-Making

The decision-making process will be based on consensus. Inability to achieve consensus will preclude the committee from making a recommendation.

L. Relationship to Other Committees

Any sub-committees, task forces or special interest groups will report to the Provost Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee.

Members of the Provost Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee will inform relevant committees for the units they represent.

IV. Terms of Reference Review

These terms of reference will be reviewed on an annual basis and as required.