The Queen's Shift Project


whiteboard with messages about campus cultureIn August 2020, the university's senior leadership signed the Queen's University Administration's Declaration of Commitment to Address Systemic Racism. The Declaration commits senior leadership to several actions intended to foster a climate of inclusion at Queen's including efforts to "Introduce campus climate metrics to measure campus culture, progress, and impact of anti-racism initiatives."

The Student Experiences Survey (now called the Shift Survey), a campus climate survey, led by the Division of Student Affairs, and the Human Rights and Equity Office, was one response to this particular action item under the declaration. The survey gathered information from Queen’s students about overall campus culture and climate, including experiences, perceptions, and behaviours with respect to diversity, inclusion, and sexual violence at the university.

The results of the 2021 Student Experiences Survey inspired the Queen’s Shift Project, a collection of events and initiatives aimed at centering equity-deserving student experiences, providing opportunities for dialogue around topics outlined in the survey, and acting on next steps towards improving campus culture at Queen’s.

The Queen’s Shift Project events and initiatives are open to all students looking to be a part of the shift towards a safer and more inclusive student experience for all.

The voices of students matter. Your voice matters. You are not alone.

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"As a non-white student, particularly as a Muslim from Afghanistan, I had a deep emotional response in reading that 65% of racialized students and 63% of Muslim students felt the need to hide some aspects of their identity to fit in."

Husna Ghanizada
4th year Health Sciences Student, Student Advisory Group Representative

Student Advisory Group

In May of 2021, a Student Advisory Group was assembled to help inform decisions about actions undertaken as a result of the Shift Survey findings. The Student Advisory Group is made up of students in various leadership roles across campus who are passionate about creating a safer and more inclusive campus for equity-deserving students. They have helped shape Queen’s Shift Project initiatives and will continue to influence this work through feedback provided at monthly meetings. Their ongoing feedback and support have been integral in keeping the student voice and the student experience at the forefront of addressing campus climate and culture. All Student Advisory Group members are compensated for their contributions and for the time and energy they dedicate to this role.

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