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Dr. Rosemary Wilson

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School of Nursing

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Rosemary was an incredible support to me when I was going through a difficult time. I was mentally unwell and struggling in my program. With her support and encouragement, she offered me a variety of resources as well as options for continuing in my PhD. She provided numerous ideas on how to make the program work for me when I almost dropped out of my PhD program - I am so glad I didn't. I am thriving and loving learning! I'm so lucky to be a student at Queen's and have so many wonderful instructors - in addition to Rosemary. Thank you Rosemary, your impact was greater than you think!

Anonymous Student

To me, mental health can only be defined by the individual - it is personal and contextual. I support students by making time to be available, listening, and  providing a safe space. My role is to support and connect students to resources when they need them. I believe supporting student mental health is an essential activity in my role and is key to ensuring student success in the complex and challenging programs I am responsible for.

--- Dr. Rosemary Wilson