Dr. Peggy DeJong

Associate Professor


Department of Medicine

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Dr. DeJong's unparalleled commitment to student well-being and inclusion within the Queen's community has been nothing short of transformative for me. From the outset, Dr. DeJong has been a guiding force, not only in my academic journey but in helping me find my place in the community. Her dedication to creating an inclusive environment where every student feels valued and supported has been pivotal in my ability to thrive and feel genuinely part of the university community.

One of Dr. DeJong's most impactful contributions has been her ability to facilitate connections, helping me to build a robust support system. Her guidance was instrumental in navigating the university's resources, leading me to discover groups and networks that resonate with my interests and aspirations. This not only enhanced my sense of belonging but also empowered me to engage more deeply with the community, contributing my perspectives and learning from others. Recognizing the challenges I faced in adapting to the university setting, she provided invaluable advice and support, enabling me to find a working and learning environment that best suited my needs. Her efforts to tailor educational experiences to accommodate individual student needs have significantly enriched my academic and personal development, allowing for a smoother transition and adaptation to the university community.

The inclusive ethos and supportive atmosphere that Dr. DeJong fosters have not only helped me to thrive academically but have also played a crucial role in my personal growth and well-being. Her unwavering support and commitment to student inclusion have been instrumental in my ability to navigate university life successfully, finding my place within the Queen's community and building lasting relationships that support and enrich my experience. Her efforts have made a profound impact on my life, for which I am immensely grateful.

Anonymous Student

Mental health to me refers to emotional, psychological and social well-being. It is inextricably linked to physical well-being.

I think the main method I use to support student mental health is to be approachable and available. Modeling behaviours and strategies to support student mental health help to recruit colleagues to do similar actions. I think educators and staff are very important regarding supporting and enhancing student mental health and wellbeing. Our students are our future and we need to play a role in changing and building environments that evolve to recognize the importance of wholistic well-being.

--- Dr. Peggy DeJong