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Sunaira acknowledged each of our backgrounds and cultures while designing her instructions for our classes. For instance, one day while discussing the normal school routine in Canada, we learned about the national anthem of Canada being played at school. She made sure each of our country's national anthem was played as well. We also talked about our school culture in our country during this discussions. Another instance was when she took us all on a tour to main campus and we had one of our classes near the lake. This really helped in active learning and participation.

She helped us in understanding the importance of wellbeing and mental health for both teachers and students. She also shared useful resources that genuinely enhanced our knowledge about importance of mental health and wellbeing in inclusive classroom.

Sunaira encourages students when they face difficulties in their learning. That made us go on the right track without feeling frustration.

She comes across as a compassionate human being as she always tries to bond with her students and help them in every which way possible.

Sunaira is creative, enthusiastic, passionate about teaching and positive energy. She is goal driven, enthusiastic, energetic, a critical thinker, and brings positivity to her teaching and has great communication skills.

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To me, mental health means having a state of emotional and social well-being, where I feel content, fulfilled, and able to cope with the ups and downs of life. This involves having a balanced life, where I prioritize self-love, healthy relationships, work-life balance, and pursuing activities that bring me joy and purpose.

Throughout my course, I prioritized my students' mental health by building strong relationships with each of them, creating an environment where they felt comfortable seeking help and support whenever they faced challenges. I regularly conducted one-on-one check-ins to provide resources and support tailored to their individual needs, ensuring that they had the tools and assistance required to succeed in the course.

Recognizing the importance of compassion towards students is crucial for creating a supportive learning environment and improving overall well-being.

--- Sunaira Tejpar