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Ting Hu

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School of Computing

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Ting Hu makes her time freely available for us to be able to discuss with her topics related to the class but also anything else we might want. At least once a week I, and some of my friends, have had a long discussion with her after class talking about our experience in the class and how we were doing overall. In one such conversation, she discussed how much of an effort she has been putting in the class and prioritized her teaching role over other roles. She also puts an effort to take our feedback regarding her classes and assessments and applies that to make sure we feel more comfortable in class. Finally, she has made an effort to remember every student and routinely checks in on us to make sure we are doing alright. She is very compassionate, understanding, supportive, and an amazing teacher overall. She puts an effort into supporting her students, and hears her classes to ensure we understand what she's teaching.

Anonymous Student

Mental health means our emotional well-being. Mental health is extremely important for our students to concentrate, learn, thrive, and enjoy their university lives.

University life is all about growth and self-discovery for our students. Academic life can be overwhelming, but it is also incredibly important for our students to develop interests, build confidence, and find purpose. Academic tasks can be stressful, but the joy of overcoming challenges and succeeding is unparalleled and critical for students' confidence and optimism. 

Educators play a pivotal role in supporting and enhancing student mental health and well-being. We should ensure that students know we deeply care for them, feel compassion for them, and are here to support them in overcoming challenges and achieving success. We create inclusive learning environments and foster a sense of community for our students, ensuring that everyone feels welcomed and connected. We not only provide students with resources, break down challenging tasks, and support them to persevere, grow, and succeed, but also foster their own sense of purpose. We help them understand that they are connected to a community beyond themselves and encourage them to contribute to the well-being of others

--- Ting Hu