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Dr. Nora Fayed

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School of Rehabilitation Therapy

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As a first year international student, I was not aware of health system, accommodations or even the educational system in Canada. Dr. Fayed assisted me to understand every thing that is required to do my degree in Canada. Even when I had financial concerns, she always supported me in overcoming my problems. Most prominently, whenever I thank her for her help, she says it's part of her job to support students.

Dr. Fayed gave me her full support as a supervisor during my studies. She helped me to register with QSAS and a practitioner in the wellness center. She advocated for me when facing difficulties with my accomodations and helped me put my accomodations into place. Whenever I need help, I know she will be the first person I will reach out to for support. I am so grateful to have her at Queen's!

Anonymous Student

To me, mental health is having a mind, body and community that helps you do what you wish to do, in the way you want to do it.

I support students mental health by reminding myself that their journeys are unique. You cannot hold the same expectations for each student, although you can have the same hope for all of them that through education they learn about how to find their place in the world.

When I started teaching, I thought that I was young - I believed I shared the same learning style and emphases on what was important as my students. I learned that was a faulty assumption. When I tried to reconstruct their learning from their point of view, I began to catch a glimpse of the unique challenges they face as a result of the times they have grown up in. That point of view cultivated my respect for them and the importance of their mental health to their learning.

--- Dr. Nora Fayed