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As a TA for GLPH 487, I could tell Madeline was passionate about the course material and was always kind with constructive feedback. Her tone, emotions and willingness to help made me, as a student, feel comfortable coming to her for her help which greatly supported my mental health. For example, she let me know after looking over my work that figure captions had to be in APA format as well and took the time to send me links and material about how to fix the formatting. Her approach eliminated a lot of stress I would have otherwise felt in trying to find these materials myself. She was always available to answer questions and share her knowledge about the course, as well. Overall, I can tell Madeline really cared about the course and the students enrolled in it and tried to create an environment where everyone felt seen and supported! She explained course expectations and even though the course is very self-directed, she made herself available at all times to guide groups in the right direction.

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To me, mental health is about resilience. It is the ability to confront challenges head-on, while having an optimistic outlook, trusting that things will improve. I think a large part of this is maintaining a growth mindset. To me, a growth mindset is believing that you can learn and develop any skill or talent, so long as you put in the effort. Equally important, though, is the self-awareness to recognize when you need a break or support!

As a student myself, I understand firsthand how difficult it can be to ask for academic guidance or support. To support student mental health as a TA, I maintain an open and friendly attitude to ensure students feel comfortable approaching me with any academic concerns. I also practice active listening to create an environment in which students are understood and validated.

It is so important that students regularly find the time to step away from academics and do things that bring them joy. Free time is essential for maintaining mental health and thus essential to academic success. Spending time in nature is a wonderful and accessible way to do this. Activities like birdwatching, hiking, and foraging contribute significantly to my own mental health, and I encourage all students to try it out!

--- Ms. Madeline Medrano