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Lisa Webb

Student Advisor/Program Planner

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Ban Righ Centre

Lisa is such a kind-hearted and loving person. I was having a really tough time in November with mental health and financial issues. She was quickly there to answer any questions and suggest supportive accommodation. Lisa values each and every one of her students' well-being and mental health. If it wasn't for her, I probably wouldn't be where I am today. She's absolutely amazing.

Lisa is often one of the first faces you see when entering the Ban Righ. She holds a welcoming, inclusive, warm space for women-identifying people on campus, especially those returning to studies. She's always available for a talk, to vent to, and to give good advice. Her counselling has helped many students in all aspects: mental health, housing, food security, you name it. When she asks a question, it's because she really is interested in the answer. She's a warm, welcoming soul who is happy to help.

Anonymous Students

Mental health means having access to internal (strengths, skills and strategies) and external resources (accessible supports; professional or casual) and to be able to draw on them in challenging times.

Apart from the fact that the Ban Righ Centre is one of the most welcoming and respectful places on campus, staff work hard to engage with students in whatever ways are meaningful and helpful to them. Often, we provide compassionate assistance with a focus on reconnecting them to their strengths and confidence.

Academia challenges our intellect but it can also stretch us personally beyond our expectations. It is important to have solid, effective supports in place for students to be able to succeed both academically and to grow personally in a safe environment.

--- Lisa Webb