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Heather Aldersey

Associate Professor


Department of Rehabilitation Science / International Centre for the Advancement of Community Based Rehabilitation (ICACBR)

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Dr. Aldersey understands how life circumstances affect one's mental health. She advises me on how to take care of my mental well-being - since being a Ph.D. student can be stressful. She advised me to take leave when I was hesitant about it, and I am glad I took her advice. I was sometimes behind schedule and she NEVER complained about that. Instead, she was incredibly supportive, understood what I was going through, and pointed out the things I was doing well and smaller things I could work on when such challenges occur. This may seem like a small or negligible thing for other people, but for me, it was the main thing that kept me sane, and is keeping me positive through this challenging Ph.D. journey.

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Mental health means that we can cope with the challenges that life sends our way and participate in the community in ways that are meaningful and fulfilling to us.

I know that oftentimes, the climate in university (for students and others) can be incredibly intense, often with the pressure to perform or 'do more'. Without setting boundaries and being kind to ourselves, which can have a negative impact on overall well being. Having a culture of collaboration and community, where we are all looking out for and supporting one another, is very important to me in my work. In addition to encouraging balance with students myself, I try to foster opportunities for peer support and community engagement among the students with whom I work - so they can have a community of support.

--- Dr. Heather Aldersey