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Jennie McNichols

Lecturer, Clinical Instructor


School of Nursing

Professor McNichols continues to create safe spaces for students to open up in by truly understanding students' situations and difficulties. She has advocated more than once for me and my mental health and allowed me to feel supported by a faculty member for the first time at Queen's. She is someone who will treat any issue or problem you have with such compassion and understanding your jaw will drop. She will make you feel validated in your concerns and feelings, and work with you to find a plan to move forward.

Jennie has been a vital part of my experience in the Nursing program at Queens. Nursing is hard, and I was having a tough time in my second year between illnesses, the stress of the nursing program, and poor experiences with a faculty member. I met with Jennie about these experiences and had never felt so heard. She was an open ear to my struggles and suggestions for improvement and made me feel comfortable. She completely changed my experience in the nursing program moving forward. I was lucky enough to have her as a clinical instructor because she would say I'm more than "just a nursing student" which made me feel more empowered. It was ingrained in me from Jennie that what I do outside the hospital was just as, or more important than what I do inside the hospital. Meaning, that nursing isn't the only facet of my life and I need to prioritize myself as a person, mental wellbeing specifically.

Jennie could always tell when we were having an off day and would provide us with the space or support we needed. Our group had several adverse experiences and she fostered an environment that empowered and supported us through them. I have never had such an amazing clinical experience or felt so supported in my journey. Often in Nursing, we feel as though we need to put ourselves aside and prioritize the patient but, Jennie as a clinical instructor, empowered me in prioritizing myself and my own mental health journey - it's okay, to not be okay every day. I will forever appreciate how she has supported me.

Anonymous Students

In my life mental health means thriving in all of life’s domains. To me, mental health exists on a continuum and means celebrating the successes and working through those opportunities for improvement. Mental health means always finding the personal balance that allows us to thrive.

My passion is collaborating with students to empower them to feel supported and to help them take control of their mental health by discovering the resources to do this. I believe it is important to assist with the discovery of foundational concepts for personal mental health and wellness. This exists on a continuum that's personalized to each student. Some students need a smile on a bad day, and some students need an active listener who they can trust to tell them it's time to seek support. I think it is a privilege to be in a position to provide mentorship to students and work towards bettering myself as an educator in enhancing student mental health.

--- Jennie McNichols