Image of Sara Couto

Sara Couto

Mental Health Programs Lead


Sara has led a process to re-imagine wellness at the engineering school from something purely reactive to something proactive and looks at wellness as an essential part of student life - not just a set of resources you turn to in a crisis. From appearing at frosh events during orientation to being a cheerleader and champion at two faculty wellness weeks, as well as speaking to classes and generally being a positive presence around Beamish-Munro Hall, she is a constant champion of good mental and physical health and is helping transform the school. She's warm, welcoming, compassionate and very passionate about wellness!

Sara's dedication and passion for fostering positive mental health have rightfully earned her the role of the mental health programs lead for Smith Engineering. She constantly seeks new and innovative ways to support student wellbeing. For example, she recently created the 'Mental Health Stewards' pilot program. Her genuineness further reduces the stigma around mental health, making a difficult topic easier to discuss. Finally, her positive attitude makes her a pleasure to collaborate with. Sara is a real asset to Smith Engineering, and I look forward to seeing what other creative endeavours she comes up with!

Anonymous Students

When I think about mental health, it is the filter through which you experience reality around you. To me, mental health means cultivating a sense of emotional balance, self-compassion, and the ability to enjoy life while effectively coping with its challenges.

As the Mental Health Programs Lead in Smith Engineering, I support student mental health by developing and facilitating various initiatives and programs that aim to promote a sense of well-being, community, and resiliency among our students. I support student mental health by looking beyond the medical/therapy model to better integrate it into the broader aspects of school and culture here in engineering. 

I'll leave this quote here, "Wherever you go, you're carrying your mind with you. To develop a familiarity with that, I think, is the crux skill that underlies everything else" by Tim Ferris. 

--- Sara Couto