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James McLellan



Department of Chemical Engineering

Dr. McLellan did an excellent job of continuously checking in on students and their well-being. He was receptive to their feedback in the course and even put in effort to learn students' names. He's considerate and responsible.

Anonymous Student

Mental health means feeling balanced, in the moment, with quiet confidence to try new things, acceptance and non-judging when things work and when they don't - essentially "mindful".

Providing a supportive and engaging environment - a community of learners - within a course can be a very effective way of supporting student mental health. Such an environment is both "personalized" and a community, with a shared "job to be done" - collectively learning, building confidence in understanding and applying concepts, and is encouraging.

I think the way in which we approach academic assessments is important and can play a significant role in student mental health - the difference in mindset between encouraging and confirming learner, versus being a "gatekeeper". Confirming understanding and ability to apply is important, and is an obligation to society in professional programs like engineering. But if the assessments are placed in the stance of a "gate" - a barrier to overcome - this can engender a stressful and negative frame of mind.

--- Dr. James McLellan