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Emily Hartley

Embedded Mental Health Counsellor


Academic Advisor

Emily is one of my greatest supporters during my entire time at Queen's. As my Academic Advisor, she has gone above and beyond her obligations. In my 1st year, I had to re-adjust my courses and entire academic plan due to a major mental health crisis and Emily was nothing by supportive through this. She helped me manage all my academic concerns, helped rearrange and reassure me about my plans, and she spoke to me with such kindness. When a professor reached out to her regarding my absence in a few classes Emily reached out to me. When speaking to her I truly felt like she cared, after our sessions, she would check in on me throughout the year and point me towards useful resources.

Every time I had something to share, she's just here to listen. She does not interrupt or force you to have an opinion that is hers. I feel safe when we've been in mental health appointments together. She's nonjudgemental, and extremely helpful. She doesn't do it just because it's her job, but does it genuinely because she wants to help.

Emily is one of the kindest, most welcoming and empathetic people I have ever met. She has been an incredible support to me throughout my entire degree path, and I'm honestly not sure where I would be right now without her support. She always quickly and cheerfully answered all of my questions (which I had many throughout my four years!) and went above and beyond by checking things for me and responding to my emails even when I didn't have a designated appointment time, which is beyond her job description. I feel as though she really genuinely cares about me and is proud of my growth and progress as a student and person, and I feel so, so grateful to know her. There is no one I would recommend more as a mental health champion at Queen's.

Anonymous Students

Mental health is an essential component of overall wellbeing. It supports engagement in daily activities and interests, helps us navigate life's difficulties, helps us to maintain healthy relationships, and promotes savouring enjoyable moments.

As an Embedded Mental Health Counsellor for the Commerce Program, I have the privilege of getting to know students while providing individual therapy. I support students in overcoming challenges, achieving academic and personal goals, enhancing resilience, and developing a sense of community and belonging. I collaborate with services across campus to meet the unique needs of each student. Educators and staff support student mental health by providing a safe environment that demonstrates respect for all lived experiences.

--- Emily Hartley