Image of Shaun Cahill

Shaun Cahill

Adjunct Lecturer


Shaun emphasizes the importance of mental wellbeing the first day of class. He always offers full support to students when they are faced with pressure from academics, peers or life. Shaun truly understands how students are struggling with pressure and stress and he is always open to talk about it in class or during office hours. He is a supportive, kind and wise person with an immaculate heart.

Shaun asks if we're doing alright and if the course workload is doable, asks for input every lesson, and is always there to help. He creates a welcoming, homey environment in his classes.

Shaun is willing to help and is always committed to making the classroom a safe place while also being empathetic and kind. He's also an open, warm professional who knows his course well and wants to see you shine!

The little things always become the big things in aggregate. It's the excitement and enthusiasm Shaun brings daily and his passion for education. His focus is on the pursuit of knowledge without judgment or mocking of others. It's the way he treats every single person with respect and dignity. A placard is carried to every class as a reminder of the principles required to provide a welcoming and productive educational environment. Ultimately, it's impossible not to feel valued and better off at the end of one of Shaun's classes, than you did before the class.

Shaun, as a professor, cares about every student's mental health and well-being. He is very flexible and respects everyone's availability. He makes himself open to all students and is very supportive. His classroom environment is actively respectful, and he utilizes flexible due dates to accommodate each student's needs.

Professor Cahill's dedication, accessibility, and genuine care have profoundly impacted my academic experience. He shows extraordinary accessibility and responsiveness to student needs. He ensures students can reach him through email, text, and phone calls. My firsthand experience with his support is a testament to this. Even late at night, such as 9 pm, urgent inquiries receive prompt responses. This dedication to student success is unparalleled. Professor Cahill also understands the challenges students face and offers assignment extensions and flexibility in difficult times. His compassion was particularly impactful when I experienced a personal issue. He even dedicates significant in-person time to meeting with students. He consistently creates a supportive environment where every student feels valued and empowered.

Shaun cares about every student's mental health and does not push students regarding assignments - helping me to reduce the pressures I feel academically. He makes himself available for students to connect with them and help them in addressing any concerns they have about assignments. His flexible due dates make organizing my schedule and study plan easier.

Anonymous Students

To me, mental health is about creating a flexible and supportive environment where students can adjust their workload based on their individual needs. I believe in allowing students to learn in the way that works best for them, treating each student with the trust and respect they have earned. By fostering an atmosphere of understanding and accommodation, I aim to help students thrive academically and personally, recognizing that their mental well-being is crucial to their overall success.

I support student mental health by creating a flexible and understanding environment where students can adjust their workload according to their mental health needs. I offer accommodations such as flexible deadlines, alternative assignments, and opportunities to resubmit work. I also ensure clear and consistent communication and provide input into the development of assessments. My goal is to allow students to learn in the way that works best for them while maintaining a respectful and trusting relationship. I encourage students to reach out when they need help and make it clear that their well-being is a priority.

Educators and staff play a crucial role in supporting and enhancing student mental health and well-being. We create the learning environment and set the tone for how students perceive their academic journey. By fostering a safe, inclusive, and accommodating atmosphere, we help students feel valued and understood. Our responsibilities include being approachable, offering flexible learning options, and actively listening to student concerns. By treating students with respect and trust, we support their mental health and empower them to achieve their full potential. Our role extends beyond academics; we are mentors, allies, and advocates for our students' overall well-being.

Mental health is not a one-size-fits-all concept; it is deeply personal and varies from student to student. It's essential to recognize that mental health is dynamic and can fluctuate due to various factors, including academic pressure, personal issues, and external circumstances. By fostering an environment of empathy, flexibility, and open communication, we can help students navigate these challenges more effectively. It's also important to break the stigma surrounding mental health. Encouraging open discussions and normalizing the need for support can make a significant difference.

Ultimately, supporting student mental health is about creating a culture of caring and compassion. By prioritizing well-being and providing the necessary resources and accommodations, we can help students succeed academically and thrive in all aspects of their lives.

--- Shaun Cahill