Key Contacts

Within this section, you will have access to the contact information of various AMS and Queen’s personnel who can assist you in your role as a Clubs Leader.

Commissioner of Clubs

The Commissioner of Clubs oversees the 270+ ratified clubs on campus and is responsible for ratifying clubs, allocating space, and distributing grants. They manage the day to day operations as well as long-term planning for the Office. They act as main liaison between the AMS, SGPS, and the club's community. The Commissioner of Clubs can be contacted at

Social Issues Commissioner

The Social Issues Commission (SIC) exists to actively challenge and eliminate all levels of oppression on campus, while also promoting and engaging with the student body on areas of equity and anti-oppression. If you are involved in a club that advocates for equity and diversity, then the Social Issues Commissioner can provide support. They can be contacted at

Director of Alumni and Sponsorship

The Director of Alumni and Sponsorship is responsible for ensuring that the AMS has a cohesive strategy for fundraising, sponsorship, alumni engagement, and professional development. They can help clubs develop a sponsorship pitch or package, connect with alumni who may be interested in contributing to your events or initiatives, and/or provide professional development resources to you and your club members. The Director of Alumni and Sponsorship can be reached at

Student Development Coordinator in the SEO

The Student Development Coordinator works to provide support for student growth and learning across campus. This includes training and development for student leaders across Student Affairs, Clubs, Student Societies and ORT. If you're looking to consult on plans for your club, or to host a workshop for your team, the Student Development Coordinator can be contacted at

Human Rights & Equity Office

The HREO aims to support all unique identities as they navigate the Queen's campus.  The Special Projects Officer in the HREO can offer support to individuals or student clubs and groups through consultation and collaboration to assist in the exploration of equity, diversity and inclusivity. If you are involved in a club that advocates for diversity and inclusion and are looking for support, you can contact the Special Projects Officer at

Experiential Learning Hub

The Experiential Learning Hub is made up of a dedicated team of professionals committed to promoting and coordinating experiential education across the Queen’s community. If you are looking to enhance learning and skill-building for club members then you can reach out to the EL Hub at