Lead, Include, Transform (LIT)

Using an intersectional, community-based approach, Lead Include Transform Training gives students, faculty and staff an opportunity to reflect on personal privileges and oppressions and how they show up on campus. Facilitated by the Division of Student Affairs in collaboration with the Human Rights and Equity Office, the programming is administered by a trained team of undergraduate and graduate student leaders.

During the session, participants will learn how to recognize various degrees of oppression at Queen’s, understand their role in challenging it and learn how to engage in activism on a leadership level.

  • Recognize and reflect on one’s positionality
  • Identify various forms of oppression at Queen’s
  • Feel equipped to challenge oppression in your leadership role.

The LIT Team for 2023-2024 Academic Year is:

Zoe Demille (LIT Student Lead)

Meena Waseem
Mehak Chohan
Isabella Aung
Khadija Farooq
Mariah Keeling
Faye Ajmera
Hemeng Xue
Mars Atkins
Nana Li
Amaiya Walters

"I loved the empathy-first approach that you taught! The whole seminar felt challenging, engaging and certainly productive."

"The presenters made sure that it was more of a conversation than a lecture and the topics were not ones that have been overdone. It never felt as though we were being spoken down to or being treated like we were oblivious children. Thank you so much!! I was honestly dreading this training because I thought it was going to be a repeat of past presentations I've been to but as people discussed their own experiences and topics were broken down for better understanding, I can truly say that this experience was educational."

"Thank you both for being so generous with your time, personal experiences and energy. I sincerely appreciate it."

"I like the interaction component and case study element. It was nice to put these concepts into practice, hear from our peers and then tie it back to the lessons learned."

"I was able to have an open, meaningful and educational discussion amongst peers during the breakout sessions."

LIT will have monthly open sessions available beginning in September. Register here!

If you have a group you would like to register for a session, please contact the LIT Student Lead at lit@queensu.ca