Donor FAQs

We are building a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about our campaign, if you have a question about our campaign or the KFLA United Way, submit your question on our contact us page and we'll be sure to get you an answer asap. 

United Way Kingston Frontenac Lennox & Addington works closely with the community to ensure that people have the opportunity to reach their full potential and live with hope, dignity and a sense of belonging. Led by volunteers, driven by a small professional staff team, United Way KFL&A helps people get involved, supporting issues they care about through volunteering and giving.

A gift to the United Way maximizes the impact of your donation locally. Through United Way you help thousands of people in your community. Giving through United Way ensures accountability. A panel of informed community volunteers, who are aware of local needs, distribute the donations where they are needed most and monitor member agencies to ensure accountability to you. Your gift to the United Way will address social service needs in KFL&A. 

United Way keeps fundraising costs to a minimum thanks to community partnerships and thousands of volunteers. Audited financial statements show our fundraising costs to be 9.3% including related administration. (Imagine Canada puts the average cost of administration at 35%) 

There are many organizations in our community that are not funded by United Way. The United Way does not provide 100% funding for any one program or to any one agency and encourages a diversity of revenue sources. This is to ensure sustainability and viability of all United Way funded programs or services.

You can designate your donation to any specific United Way in your community or a specific charity (member or non-member agency) by indicating your choice on your pledge form. 

United Way volunteers suggest that we all make a contribution based on our individual income level. Through payroll deduction, one smaller gift, added to another, equals a painless way to give a larger gift. You and your partner can combine your gifts for favorable tax-write offs and recognition. 

United Way itself does not receive government funding. Many government departments fund or purchase services from United Way agencies. United Way is often one of the only stable sources of funding for some agencies. 

United Way provides funding to agencies so that essential programs and services will be available in the event that you do need to access them. Your gift ensures that you and those you care about will have support when it is needed. Your gift to the United Way helps the vulnerable in your community – whether it helps your neighbour cope with a hearing or vision loss or supports children at risk – we all benefit from a healthy and supportive community. 

United Way spends a lot of time ensuring designations are paid as per donor choice. If you give cash, cheque or credit card, your donation will be sent to the agency in the spring of the year immediately following the campaign along with all other donations directed to that agency. If you give through payroll deduction, your donation will be sent to the agency a full year after the campaign once all payroll deductions have been collected, remitted, and consolidated to United Way i.e. If you donate in the 2016 campaign through payroll deductions, your pledge is deducted from your pay in 2017 and the funds will be sent to the agency in the spring of 2018. 

  • If you give through payroll deduction, your contribution will be on your T4 at the end of the next calendar year. 
  • If you give by cash, cheque or credit card, your tax receipt will be emailed or mailed to. 

Please ensure you complete the home address section of the pledge form or online - if donating by cheque, cash or credit card - as Canada Revenue Agency requires that tax receipts include home addresses.

Every decision is personal. United Way impact statements show what different levels of donation can do. You can find out what the average gift was in your workplace and match or surpass that. 

You may want to consider a donation as a Leader of the Way ($1,200+) level, and maximize tax benefits. Learn more about leadership giving.

The Board of Directors periodically benchmarks the CEO’s salary with United Ways of similar size and with similar Canadian not-for-profit organizations. United Way has worked with Human Resource professionals to create a compensation framework for employees to ensure they are within reasonable rates for the level of skill, knowledge and experience required for their positions. The organization regularly reviews the compensation levels.

All charities are required to file a T3010 registered charity disclosure which includes the salary ranges of the ten highest paid employees. This is available at