Limitations on Appeals

The appeals process does not compensate for extenuating circumstances that a student is unable to resolve, or for which the student is unwilling to actually seek accommodation.

  1. Only students registered in the Faculty of Arts and Science are eligible to submit an appeal (See Faculty Jurisdiction with Respect to Student Appeals of Academic Decisions).

  2. Students are not able to revisit the same time period in submitting subsequent appeals. For example if a student has appealed to drop a course(s) without academic penalty in the Fall Term, he or she is not able to make a second appeal for the same time period.

  3. No appeal may be made 21 days after a student has graduated. Students may appeal (in writing) that an exception to this timeline be granted; however, such requests will only be granted in cases where extenuating circumstance beyond the student’s control rendered the student unable to submit an appeal within the specified timeline. A student must be able to show that the extenuating circumstances were ongoing and must also be able to demonstrate that these circumstances prevented the student from acting between the time the original decision was received and the time at which the appeal was eventually initiated. Appeals of this type should include a presentation of the specific reasons for a delay and supporting documentation is essential.

  4. In general, with the exception of appeals related to final examinations, final grades, or non-academic discipline where other criteria will apply, appeals are only granted where there are significantly extenuating circumstances, beyond the student’s control, which would merit the waiving of a particular Faculty regulation or decision. Extenuating circumstances normally involve a significant physical or psychological event that is beyond a student’s control and debilitating to his or her academic performance. These kinds of extraordinary situations should be supported by official documentation from an appropriate professional.

NOTE:    Matters that can be appealed are noted in the Faculty of Arts and Science regulations. Please note that, in accordance with the Queen's Senate Policy on Student Appeals, Rights and Discipline, admission decisions cannot be appealed.