Adding a Course After the Last Official Date

Students wishing to add a course(s) after the last official published date for adding course(s) may appeal to the Associate Dean (Studies) to be granted permission to add the course(s). Students may not attend the desired course(s) unless and until the appeal to add the course is approved by the Associate Dean (Studies). Academic Regulation 6.1 states that a student "must be registered in a class(es) to be eligible to attend or otherwise participate in lectures, laboratories, tutorials, tests and examinations associated with the class(es)."

See Appeal Regulations Section 3 for more information on appealing matters other than those related to Academic Integrity.

The following material must be included as a part of the appeal:

  • submit an online Appeal here
  • A letter of explanation clearly demonstrating the significant extenuating circumstances, beyond the student’s control, which prevented him or her from adding the course(s) by the published deadlines. See also Tips for Writing a Good Appeal Letter.
  • Written support from the course instructor and Undergraduate Chair from department offering the course that documents that both are aware of the student’s wish to add the course(s) late and that they do not expect that the student will have difficulty in catching up on missed materials. The course instructor and Undergraduate Chair may e-mail their statements to
  • Supporting documentation/letter from an appropriate professional that clearly indicates ways in which the extenuating circumstances directly affected the student’s ability to add the course(s) during the published deadlines. Students are advised to submit an Off-campus Physician's Note [PDF] if requesting support from a medical professional outside of Health, Counselling and Disability Services.

TIME LIMIT: An appeal to add a course must be submitted to the Arts and Science Faculty Office within 21 calendar days of the first day in which the course is offered.