Requesting an Aegrotat (AG) Standing in a Course

Aegrotat standing (see Academic Regulation 10.2.1) is reserved for a student who, because of illness or other extenuating circumstances beyond his or her control, is unable to complete all the work for a course. At least 60 per cent of the work to be evaluating in the course (assignments, midterms, laboratories, final examination, as specified in the course outline) must be completed and passed to be eligible to make this request.  For more information about aegrotat (AG) standing, please read Appeal Regulation 3.3.3.

The following material must be included as a part of the appeal:

  • Submit an Online Appeal here. 
  • A letter of explanation clearly demonstrating the significant extenuating circumstances, beyond the student’s control, which prevented him or her from completing all the work for the course. See also Tips for Writing a Good Appeal Letter.
  • Supporting documentation/letter from an appropriate professional that clearly indicates ways in which the extenuating circumstances directly affected the student’s performance. The letter should verify that these effects were substantial enough to cause the academic problem. Students are encouraged to read the Appeal of Academic Decisions Section 1 portion of the Academic Calendar.  Students are advised to submit an Off-campus Physician's Note [PDF] if requesting support from a medical professional outside of Health, Counselling and Disability Services.
  • A letter of support from the instructor should also be included. The instructor may e-mail their statements to

The instructor will be contacted to determine

  • If he or she supports the assignment of an AG
  • That the student has completed 60 per cent of the course,
  • Any other information or insights from the instructor about the student’s participation in the course.

TIME LIMIT: Appeals for Aegrotat standing must be submitted no later than 21 calendar days after the end of the examination period in which the course is offered.

NOTE: A student may be granted Aegrotat or Credit standing for a maximum of 36.0 units over the course of an entire degree program (See Academic Regulation 10.2.1).  A student must be receiving a passing grade to be eligible for AG grade.