Requesting an Extension on the Deadline to Submit Incomplete Work

As outlined in Academic Regulation 10.2.4, a student affected by extenuating circumstances may ask the course instructor for an incomplete standing (IN) for a maximum of one full term after the completion of a course. If the first request is granted, a further request to submit incomplete work after that term has elapsed must be make through a formal appeal to the Associate Dean (Studies).  For more information, read Appeal Regulation 3.3.6.

The following material must be included as a part of the appeal:

  • Submit an Online Appeal here
  • A letter of explanation clearly demonstrating the significant extenuating circumstances, beyond the student’s control, which prevented him or her from completing the work during the term. See also Tips for Writing a Good Appeal Letter.  
  • Supporting documentation/letter from an appropriate professional that clearly indicates ways in which the extenuating circumstances directly affected the student’s performance. The letter should verify that these effects were substantial enough to cause the academic problem. Information on the start, duration and present state of the extenuating condition is critical. Lastly, a clear statement on whether the condition or circumstances have either improved or are being managed so that they no longer have a significant detrimental effect on future academic performance. Students are encouraged to read the Appeal of Academic Decisions Section 1 portion of the Academic Calendar. Students are advised to submit an Off-campus Physician's Note [PDF] if requesting support from a medical professional outside of Health, Counselling and Disability Services.
  • A note from the instructor agreeing to a final date for completion of the coursework in question should also be included. The instructor may e-mail their statements to

TIME LIMIT: Appeals for the extension of an IN must be made before the end of the term following the term in which the course was offered.