Preparing for Your Academic Counselling Appointment

Besides booking your appointment in advance it is important to prepare for an academic counselling appointment in order to achieve the greatest benefit. Academic counselling appointments can help address a wide range of academic issues. From specific or detailed questions regarding Faculty degree requirements and regulations to boarder conversations about educational and career goals. Here are some things you can expect and should think about in preparation for your appointment:

  1. Familiarize yourself with your program, plan and course requirements by reviewing the Academic Calendar before your meeting. If you have yet to decide on a major think about meeting with a Career Counsellor to help you find a focus for your future whether it be academic or work related. It is important that you begin the self-assessment process required to learn more about yourself and your career/educational interests.
  2. Prepare a selection of ideas/courses for discussion. Depending on the nature of your meeting you should come with some ideas regarding your academic needs.
  3. Bring a list of questions. You will get the most out of your appointment and get your answers at one time.
  4. Expect referrals from your academic counsellor. Academic counsellors are familiar with the student services on campus and can be your link to resources designed to facilitate your success.
  5. Feel free to discuss academic and non-academic issues relevant to your education. It is easier for your academic counsellor to help if they have a clear understanding of the concerns and issues you may be facing.