Leaving and Returning to Studies

Students walking on Queen's campus in the winter. Grant Hall Tower in the background.

Withdrawing from studies

Sometimes things come up – extenuating circumstances, a once in a lifetime opportunity, family obligations and other life events that might impact your plans for completing your degree and graduating. In these situations, it might be necessary to take a break from your studies. What does that look like? 

Students can take a break from their studies at any point in their degree program. There is no deadline for graduation and no time limit on how long they can be away. However, students concurrently enrolled in other programs (Concurrent Education, Dual Degree, etc.) should also check in with their other faculties to confirm those rules and regulations. 

Below you will find some important information to take into consideration before withdrawing from your studies (either temporarily or permanently). Review it carefully and if you have any questions call Student Services at 613-533-2470 for assistance. You may also wish to connect with an academic advisor for some guidance.

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