Professional Programs

The Faculty of Arts and Science offers a number of graduate programs and certificates, training and professional development programs.

Queen's IRC

Queen’s University Industrial Relations Centre (IRC) is a leading provider of premium professional development programs in labour relations, human resources and organization development. IRC programs are designed for busy practitioners, delivered by subject matter experts, and grounded in adult learning principles.

As a result of continuous practitioner-focused research and more than 80 years of experience, we have identified the core competencies every organization development, human resources, and labour relations practitioner needs to be successful. Each of our programs focuses on one of these essential skills.

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Certificate in Organized Crime Prevention

The brand new Certificate in Organized Crime Prevention (COCP) program delivers vital knowledge and skills to identify, analyze and mitigate criminal activity. This 5-day program is crucial for professionals working in any industry where criminal activity may infiltrate best practices or threaten security such as border control, law enforcement, government, counter-terrorism and intelligence, banking, investment and risk management, accounting, law, business, and more. 

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Professional Master of Industrial Relations

Balancing a busy career with a personal life can be tricky. Add in full-time graduate studies and leaning in can look more like falling over. With the Queen’s Professional Master of Industrial Relations (PMIR), you really can have it all. Designed for busy professionals and managers in labour relations and human resources, the PMIR gives you a competitive advantage, helping you elevate your career while not overwhelming your life.

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Master of Earth Energy Resources Leadership

The Master of Earth and Energy Resources Leadership is training future leaders in the natural resource industry. Through part-time delivery and interdisciplinary courses accessed primarily online, you can continue working from anywhere in the world and join us in Canada for the in-person sessions.​

Our job at MEERL is to give you the skills and confidence you need to take your career in new directions. Through MEERL, you'll learn how to analyze the industry from a global and interdisciplinary lens, explore current and future challenges, and learn the tools needed to make confident decisions.

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