Plan Selection

The plan selection period will open on SOLUS from May 22 to June 2, 2023. If you have questions about the recently uploaded plan thresholds for 2022, please reach out to the department offering the plan for further advice or clarification. 

All students that have successfully completed 24 units or more must declare a plan. Browse through the sections below to learn all about how to choose your plan.

Have questions about Plan Selection?

Call our 1st-year hotline at 613-533-6708 between May 23-26 & May 29 - June 2, 9-12 and 1-4. 

Program / Plan Selection

Students who have completed 24 units or more must participate in the Program/Plan selection process in May.  This involves choosing the area of study (plan) that you wish to pursue.  For some students this may involve requesting to change your degree program.  For example, students may request a change of degree program from:

  • Bachelor of Arts Honours (BAH)  to Bachelor of Science Honours (BSCH) or Bachelor of Computing Honours (BCMPH)
  • BCMPH to BAH or BSCH
  • BSCH to BAH or BCMPH

NOTE:  Students who were admitted to the following programs do not participate in plan selection:  Bachelor of Fine Art, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Physical and Health Education; or Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology.

For more information on degree programs offered in Arts and Science, please visit Programs and Degrees.

To request your Program/Plan, log into your Student Centre in SOLUS.  Program/Plan Selection is NOT first-come first-served and you may access the page as often as you wish.  Please keep in mind, though, that each time you are accepted into a plan, a record of that change will be recorded on your student record and transcript. 

If you need help navigating SOLUS please visit this link.

All plans in Arts and Science have minimum academic requirements that a student must satisfy in order to be admitted to that plan.  To view the thresholds for all plans in Arts and Science please visit your department page and see the "What it takes" handout under Degree Plans and Options.

Each plan will have an automatic acceptance threshold and a pending list threshold. Once you have decided which plan you wish to pursue, access SOLUS to request that plan.  Be sure to enter your desired plan first.  When you enter your request one of three outcomes will occur:

  • Automatically Accepted - If you meet the automatic threshold for the plan you have requested you will receive a message on SOLUS telling you that you have been accepted into your plan.  Once accepted, your plan information in SOLUS will be updated and a new entry denoting the change will be recorded on your SOLUS record and transcript. Every time you request a plan change and are accepted to a different plan, a new entry will be recorded on your SOLUS record and on your transcript. 
  • Placed on a Pending (waiting) list- If you receive a message on SOLUS telling you that you have been placed on a pending list this means that your request will be manually reviewed by the department following the Plan Selection period (see below). In addition to being informed that you are on a pending list, SOLUS will also inform you that you must select an alternate plan that you can be automatically accepted to.

    Students can only be on one pending list.  If you are placed on a pending list, you must choose an alternate plan that you are automatically accepted in to.  If you choose to leave SOLUS without being automatically accepted to a plan, you will be removed from the pending list.  If you do not participate in plan selection you run the risk of not getting into the plan of your choice.  It is critical that you are automatically accepted into a plan before the Plan selection period ends.  Otherwise, you will not be able to register in your classes in July.

    Following the Plan Selection process on SOLUS, departmental administrators will manually review all students on their pending lists.  If a department accepts you from their pending list, your plan information in SOLUS will be updated and a new entry denoting the change will be recorded on your SOLUS record and transcript.

    REMEMBER:  Departments will be reviewing their pending lists until June 16 so you may not see a change to your plan until after that date.

    3.  Refused Admission for that Plan?  If you do not meet the minimum requirements for the plan you want, please consider the following strategies:     

  • Plan selection strategies
  • Program Plan Selection Flowchart
  • Slides from the Plan Selection Video

NEW Black Studies Minor and General Plans Available for Plan Selection

The Department of Gender Studies is now offering a Minor and General Plan options in Black Studies. Both program options will be available for Plan Selection in 2022.

The undergraduate program in Black Studies at Queen's offers students courses in art history, Black literature, music, philosophy, global health, Black religions, technologies of hip hop, and much more. Students will learn about Black thought and Black resistances in a time of crisis. Our courses span from the arts and social sciences, to health and kinesiology, to the School of Religion, and other faculties. Black Studies is a truly interdisciplinary program that prepares students for a broad range of careers. 

Learn more about the new plan options from Professors Katherine McKittrick and Daniel McNeil or visit

NEW Indigenous Studies Major & Joint Honours Available for Plan Selection

The Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures is now offering a Major and Joint Honours Plan options in Indigenous Studies. Both program options will be available for Plan Selection in 2021.

These Plans will give both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students the opportunity to immerse themselves in Indigenous history and culture, to ensure that future leaders and policymakers have a solid foundation in the histories of First Nations, Métis and Inuit Peoples. Students expand their knowledge and understanding of Indigenous cultures, while developing professional skills such as innovative Indigenous approaches to learning and research to work with Aboriginal communities.

Learn more about the new plan options from Professor Nathan Brinklow or visit

Majors Night

Still deciding which degree plan you will choose in May for plan selection? ASUS, Career Services, and the Faculty of Arts and Science will be hosting a virtual Majors Night on Thursday, February 9 from 4:00 to 7:00 pm. 

Each Degree Plan will be represented so stop in to talk to students, staff, faculty, and advisors who can answer all the questions you have to help you make an informed decision.  

Find more information on the Career Services webpage.

What it takes to be accepted to a Plan

The Plans found below indicate the minimum academic requirements to be automatically accepted or placed on a pending list for every available Plan in Arts and Science. All requirements include a minimum GPA and/or a minimum grade in a single course. If a course number is labelled with a #, this denotes a “wildcard”, and any course number is acceptable. For example, PHYS 1## indicates that any of PHYS 104, PHYS106 or PHYS117 are acceptable.

Some Plans have other minimum prerequisite standards that must be met before a student can access second year courses. These are indicated in the “Notes” section of the tables. While the SOLUS system may accept a student into the Plan, if they do not hold the correct prerequisites they may not be able to complete the degree within the usual timeframe, and may be at a significant academic disadvantage in upper year courses.

Please note: These academic thresholds are for students applying to plans from first-year going into second year. They are not applicable to upper-year students wishing to change their plan. All upper-year student change of plan requests are pending departmental approval which may or may not reflect the thresholds below.

While every attempt is made to ensure our web pages are up-to-date and accurate, sometimes errors occur. The content on these pages of this website is for your general information and use only. It is subject to change without notice.

Art History  



Classical Studies (including CLST and CLAS)  

Computing (including BMCO, COGS, COMP, CSCI, SODE)  



Employment Relations  


Environmental Studies  

Film and Media  

French Studies  

Gender Studies (including BLCK)

Geography & Planning  


Global Development Studies

Health Studies  


Jewish Studies


Languages, Literatures and Cultures (including GMST, INDG, ITLN, LANG, LING, LLCU, SPAN)

Life Sciences  

Mathematics and Statistics  




Political Studies  


Religious Studies  


Electives and Supporting Courses

With a few limitations, electives may be chosen freely from any course offered through the Faculty of Arts and Science and are in addition to those required for the Plan component of the degree. Check the Academic Calendar to see a list of all courses offered by Arts and Science with their descriptions and prerequisites.

Note that up to 6.0 units of courses from other Faculties and Schools at Queen’s may also be used towards the elective component of the degree. See the Academic Calendar for more information.

Supporting Courses in Arts and Science

Some Plans in Arts and Science require the student to take supporting courses. These are courses in a subject different from that of the Plan but are required prerequisites for upper year courses. An example would be a first year calculus course in a Physics Plan.

When combining Plans in Joint Honours or Major-Minor degrees, courses common to the two Plans cannot be shared between the requirements of the two Plans. In such cases, an alternative must be chosen. Supporting courses are the exception to this rule: a supporting course in one Plan can be used towards the requirements of the other, increasing the number of electives available to the student. See the Degree Programs section of the Arts and Science calendar for complete details of how courses are shared between Plans.