Support our people - Build and sustain health learning and working environments

Supporting our People, which is one the four strategic priorities in our Strategic Plan, is all about building and sustaining healthy learning and work environments that foster community, mental health, and well-being. When we developed our Strategic Plan, we committed to advancing this by making wellness a priority among FAS communities by:

  • engaging culturally diverse practices of wellness with empathy, sensitivity and respect
  • addressing structural inequalities that are barriers to well-being
  • envisioning and developing environments for inspiration, creativity, professional development and continuous learning

This priority is essential to advancing our other priorities of strengthening our research prominence, enriching the student experience, and transforming our spaces, as well as supporting our guiding principles.

The need to advance the priority of supporting our people was amplified by the pandemic and is reflected in many of the themes that emerged from our Town Halls, Community Assembly meetings, Dr. Wendy Craig’s research into the impact of COVID-19 on the FAS community, and the resulting Continuous Improvement Review for COVID Response.  

We are continuing to build this section of our website, which starts with Healthy Communities.

This section of our website is dedicated to sharing information and resources related to our ongoing efforts to support our faculty and staff, and to continuing forward on our articulated pathways to strengthening and expanding our vision in the 21st century.

If you have suggestions for resources or initiatives, please contact Maryanne Wainman at