Support Contacts

The Faculty of Arts and Science is located on the First Floor of Dunning Hall. Students come to the office for academic advising and answers to academic-related questions: about degree programs, requirements for dual degrees, letters of permission to take courses at other universities, appeals, etc.

However, current and prospective students can't always make it to the office and need to email us for answers to their questions.

We'd like to make it easier for you to get the answers you need by offering different emails for different questions.

Question or purposeE-mail
(questions about eligibility, the admission process,    
grades needed for admission and more)
Arts and Science
Dean's Honour
Graduation eligibility       
(verifying eligibility for students who have already   
applied to graduate)
Dual/Second Degrees
International Programs
Letters of
(questions about adding/dropping courses,  
waitlists, important dates, dropping minors, etc.)
Tuition and
Transfers to Queen's       
(both internal and external to Queen's)