Why ArtSci?

Why ArtSci?

At Queen’s, Arts and Science is an integrated and unified Faculty with a strong sense of shared purpose and community. We are committed to innovative disciplinary and interdisciplinary research and teaching, and to inspiring curiosity and engaging collaboratively with multiple forms of knowledge that span local and global contexts.

Arts and Science is the largest Faculty at Queen’s University, making up over 60% of the University, and one of a dozen Arts and Science faculties in Canada.

The Faculty of Arts and Science offers, in 32 departments and schools, an extraordinary scope of educational possibilities encompassing the creative arts, languages, humanities, social sciences and physical and natural sciences.

The Faculty of Arts and Science offers multiple pathways to achieving the higher education experience that you desire. From Bachelor’s and Bachelor’s Honours undergraduate programs delivered on campus, to our fully online Bachelor’s programs and certificates and our graduate programs, we have the program you are searching for and a community like no other. 

Whether you are considering applying to the Faculty of Arts and Science, or you already have, we have a number of events available for you to learn more about what our programs have to offer, have your questions answered and help you make a decision about your future.

Interested in learning more about Arts and Science at Queen's from some of our students? Visit our Connect page to meet one on one with one of our student ambassadors. Or, follow the Arts & Science Undergradute Society on Instagram, @queens.you.

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Undergraduate Programs (On-Campus)

The Faculty of Arts and Science offers a number of 3-year and 4-year Bachelor’s and Bachelor’s Honours programs, though they may be completed over more years. We have over 2,000 program options and our graduation rate is 89.5%, which is the highest among Canadian universities. In addition, over 90% of our graduates are employed within six months following graduation.

The Faculty of Arts and Science is an integral part of the Kingston community, with our beautiful campus nestled by the waterfront and the core of the city, which has been rated one of the best university towns in the world by the BBC.

Our “on-campus” undergraduate students are also able to take Arts and Science Online courses and certificates.

Explore what programs Arts and Science has to offer on our Programs and Degrees webpage.

Arts & Science Online

Since Queen’s began offering “extension” courses in 1889, the Faculty of Arts and Science has remained a trailblazer in distance education, offering online courses and programs distinguished by their exceptional quality through Arts and Science Online.

Arts and Science Online offers 6 online degrees, 6 online certificates, and over 120 online courses, which are taken by 1,400+ distance students as well as Queen’s undergraduate students. 

Arts and Science Online students come from all different walks of life, levels of education and countries around the world. Arts & Science Online offers you the ability to complete a Degree or Certificate program from the comfort of your home and on a schedule that fits your lifestyle.

Graduate Studies

Queen's is a place where graduate students learn and discover in a close-knit intellectual community. You can share experiences with the world’s best scholars, whether it’s on a campus park bench at Professor’s Walk, at the laboratory or in a coffee house. With the world at your fingertips, excellent funding options and life in the affordable, historic waterfront city of Kingston, Queen's has a great deal to offer. Graduate students come to Queen's to put their ideas in motion, change their lives and the world.

The Faculty of Arts and Science offers over 60 graduate programs, including professional master’s, master’s, and doctoral programs, and is home to over 1,600 graduate students.

The great thing about Grad Studies is that you can continue down the course of study you loved in your undergrad, or you can find a stream that branches off in a different direction.

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The Faculty of Arts and Science at Queen’s is rich in history and has a community unlike any other. Learn more about life at Queen’s. 
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We are the school with a small-town feel, but with a large-city appeal, in the historic and beautiful city of Kingston. 
Why Kingston?

Creative Arts? Social Sciences? Humanities? Languages? Life & Physical Sciences? Computing? Interdisciplinary? Whatever you are interested in, learn about all of the undergraduate programs that Arts & Science has to offer. 
Programs & Degrees

Meet one of our current students to ask your questions and hear their stories! Our students are available to chat with you about their experience and how to make the most of your time at Queen's.  
Meet a Queen's Student

Queen’s students come from more than 120 countries worldwide. Learn more about the supports that are available to you. 
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Alumni Testimonials

Hear from some of our recent alumni about their experiences with Queen's Arts & Science and find out why they chose to join our community!

Sihan Gua
Biochemistry, ArtSci '16

Sean Robinson
Biochemistry and French, ArtSci '13

Norees Gasper
History and Religious Studies, ArtSci '19