Why ArtSci?

Students walking down the street at Queen's University in the Fall.

Arts and Science is an integrated and unified Faculty with a strong sense of shared purpose and community. We are committed to innovative disciplinary and interdisciplinary research and teaching, and to inspiring curiosity and engaging collaboratively with multiple forms of knowledge that span local and global contexts and communities.

Arts and Science is the largest Faculty at Queen’s University, making up over 60% of the University, and is one of only a dozen Arts and Science faculties in Canada.

The Faculty of Arts and Science offers an extraordinary scope of educational possibilities encompassing the creative arts, languages, humanities, social sciences and physical and natural sciences. The Faculty of Arts and Science offers over 60 graduate programs, including professional master’s, master’s, and doctoral programs, and is home to over 1,600 graduate students.

We have the program you are searching for and a community like no other.  

Whether you are considering applying to the Faculty of Arts and Science, or you already have, we have a number of events available for you to learn more about what our programs have to offer, have your questions answered, and help you make a decision about your future.