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Principal’s Commission on Mental Health - Classroom Slides

Health and wellness is essential to our students’ academic and personal success. The university remains committed to strengthening the supportive aspects of our living and learning environments. Recommendation 3.3 of the Principal’s Commission on Mental Health, focusing on “encouraging help-seeking and helping behavior”, suggests that “referral information” slides be distributed to instructors and Teaching Assistants (TAs), “which could be shown before classes on a regular basis. These slides would list the resources available and remind students, faculty members and TAs that help is there when it is needed.” (PCMH Report, 2012, p. 39-40.)


Memorandum from the Principal

Effective Slide Design

Can the design of your Powerpoint slides affect how well your students learn? Barbara Fenesi from the Applied Cognition in Education Lab at McMaster University answers that question in the video of her March 2013 presentation on effective multimedia design.  The main points are summarized in a pdf document.

Promoting Durable and Efficient Learning (PPT Slides)

View PPT Slides from Sean Kang's Workshop, Promoting Durable and Efficient Learning: Useful Insights from Cognitive Science

LinkedIn Learning

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