Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity Forms and Resources for Instructors

Instructors face the challenge of promoting academic integrity in the classroom by reinforcing the idea that we are all part of an academic community and the practices consistent with academic integrity provide the roles and rules within which creative work, innovation, and education exchange takes place. Students should be presented with strategies to meet the demands of academic integrity and with clear expectations about all aspects of a course. At the same time, the instructor must monitor student essays, labs, exams and other assignments to see that the values of academic integrity are evident. Where there is concern about the integrity of any course work, an instructor must investigate the departure from the expectations of academic integrity and follow a process which balances student rights and the requirements of the academic community to protect the integrity of all its transactions.



Departure from Academic Integrity: Guidelines for Instructors

The Faculty of Arts and Science is committed to ensuring the academic integrity investigation process is fair and supportive and will be carried out in a safe and positive environment.  Our intention is that this will be a learning opportunity promoting student success, growth, and development.

These procedures must be followed in investigating possible departures from academic integrity and making findings. Instructors should also familiarize themselves with Academic Regulation 1 in the Faculty of Arts and Science calendar and the Queen's University Academic Integrity Procedures
Refer to this brief module for guidance on the academic integrity process to ensure procedural fairness:

Departures from Academic Integrity: Guidelines for Instructors

Instructors should contact the Faculty Office, Student Services ( prior to assigning a sanction.