The Queen’s Undergraduate Internship Program (QUIP) provides you with a 12 to 16 month accredited work experience. Due to the longer work term (compared to a 4-month co-op), you have an opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way and employers are highly motivated to maximize their time and investment.

QUIP internships are competitively paid, professionally supervised, career-related positions designed to offer second or third-year students the opportunity to learn about current advances, practices and technologies in business and industry. In return, you’ll bring to the workplace creativity and a fresh approach, a high level of enthusiasm and commitment, a drive to succeed and a pronounced willingness to learn.

Internships start in May, September, and January, but you can register for QUIP and job-hunt throughout the year.

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Why pursue an internship?

Whether you are trying on a career for size, establishing a competitive edge, or enhancing your degree, QUIP will allow you to:

  • Take a break from academics and test drive a career in your field of interest
  • Earn a competitive salary (ranging from $30-$55,000) while retaining student status
  • Learn and develop the skills employers want from new graduates
  • Add the “with Professional Internship” designation to your degree
  • Make connections with industry leaders and build your professional network
  • Return to your final year of studies with renewed energy and deeper understanding of course materials

How to register?

Registering for QUIP is easy:

  1. Send the FAS email template to your department or Undergraduate Programs Assistant to request your Undergraduate Chair’s approval to register for QUIP
  2. When you receive the approval from your department, log in to MyCareer and from the left bar select “QUIP” and “QUIP Registration & Records”. From the top right of the screen, click “Apply to a Program”, search for your program and click “Apply”. Note: COCA students must apply to FAS: Faculty of Arts and Science.
  3. Complete all the information, upload the email with the approval from your department and click “Submit Application”

Registration in QUIP is ongoing. We recommend registering as early as possible to maximize the time available for attending workshops, one-on-one advising appoints, and exploring internship opportunities. Once you have been successful in securing an internship, you will be enrolled in the relevant INTN courses required for a 12-16 month internship (course fees apply).

If you are enrolled in Bachelor of Computing Honours, please visit the School of Computing’s internship page.

Key Dates and Program Timeline

Wondering what the QUIP process looks like? Internships start in May, September, and January. Below is an example of a typical QUIP intern’s pathway to internship.

  1. Attend an Information Session
  2. Register for QUIP to gain exclusive access to the QUIP job board and cross industry employers
  3. Sign up and attend the required QUIP-specific workshops prior to applying to positions
  4. Consider booking an advising appointment with a QUIP Coordinator to receive support with internship search strategy, resume and cover letter review, interview preparation, and offer decision making should you need it
  5. Check the QUIP job board regularly to browse up-to-date opportunities and apply
  6. Follow job application procedures as outlined in each job description
  7. Attend interviews as requested by employers

Intern Testimonials

Hear from your peers who customized their degrees by completing an internship:

Ishanka Dassanayake

Geneviève Nolet

Nadejda Boev

Entrepreneurial Stream

Have an idea for a venture you want to develop? Our Entrepreneurial Stream might be for you!

Participating in the QUIP Entrepreneurial Stream will allow you to pursue an entrepreneurial endeavour for a period of 12-16 months, while earning internship credits that lead to the ‘with Professional Internship’ designation upon graduation.

Students may take up the Entrepreneurial Stream of QUIP through the following pathways:

These opportunities provide structure, community, and support during the internship year.  Fees are due for any course enrolments required for the selected QUIP stream.

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