Visual Arts Curriculum Development

Visual Arts at Queen’s is undergoing a change. Based on external review and consultations, the Dean created the Visual Arts Council Advisory Group and tasked them to undertake the development of a new program in Visual Arts. The new curriculum will:

  1. Provide a balance of theory and practice similar to that found in the BAH plans in Drama, Film, and Music;
  2. Be accessible to students.  Visual Arts concentrators will have access to electives, certificates, and minors in other disciplines. Students who are not Visual Arts concentrators will be able to take courses in visual arts as electives or as a minor;
  3. Be flexible to allow Visual Arts concentrators to have the same opportunities for internship and study abroad opportunities afforded to students in other plans. This flexibility will more easily allow for academic interruptions caused by extenuating circumstances;
  4. Fulfill the Visual Art teaching subject requirements for students in the ConEd pathway; and
  5. Be viable with current levels of faculty and staff.