Student Experience

Undergraduate students in the Faculty of Arts and Science at Queen's have a multitude of exciting educational opportunities such as internships, study abroad programs, field studies, research and more. Check out the sections below to learn more. 

Your First Year

Our students have the option to 1) go into the Arts or the Sciences and experience a “flexible and focused” first year or 2) choose to apply directly to one of our Direct Entry Programs

1. Flexible and Focused

Students at Queen's that are admitted into a Bachelor of Arts or Science experience a flexible and focused first year. Through self-exploration, and while you settle into university life, you have the chance to explore courses and uncover where your real interests and opportunities for success are.

Flexible: Take any 5 courses with no requirements and select your major after first year

Focused: One first-year course will be your pathway to your major, so you are working toward your degree from day one

Benefits of a flexible and focused first year
You get to “test-drive” your major! 50% of undergraduate students change majors — with many doing so two and three times during their post-secondary years (Dr. Fritz Grupe, founder of Arts and Science students have the opportunity to 'try' out their areas of interest before committing to their major.

Selecting your major
You will select your degree plan (i.e. major) at the end of your first year. When you are beginning the registration process for your second year, you will be required to request your degree concentration. Please note that many programs do have first year grade cutoffs required to proceed to second year. Please read the individual departmental regulations in the Arts and Science Academic Calendar for more information.

2. Direct Entry

Already know what degree you want to pursue at Queen’s? Arts and Science offers a variety of Direct Entry Programs you can apply to, so you are working towards your degree plan from the moment you start at Queen’s. Admission into our direct entry programs is extremely competitive and may require extra steps. The following programs offer a direct entry pathway: Computing. Concurrent Education (Con-Ed), Fine Art (Visual Art), Kinesiology, Life Sciences and Biochemistry, Music, and Music Theatre.


Queen’s Undergraduate Internship Program (QUIP)

The Queen’s Undergraduate Internship Program (QUIP) offers Queen’s students a chance to gain competitively paid work experience related to their subject of study during 12 to 16 month work terms in technology, languages, business, and industry. Due to the longer work term (compared to a 4-month co-op), employers are highly motivated to maximize their time and investment. This means that Internship students are offered the opportunity to manage more extensive and significant projects. 

QUIP internships are paid, professionally supervised, career-related positions designed to offer second or third year students the opportunity to learn about current advances, practices and technologies in business and industry. In return, students bring to the workplace creativity and a fresh approach, a high level of enthusiasm and commitment, a drive to succeed and a pronounced willingness to learn.

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Subject-based Internships

Environmental Studies
French Studies
Global Development Studies
Kinesiology and Health Studies
Political Studies
Urban and Regional Planning

Field Studies 

Queen's University Biological Station

The Queen's University Biological Station (QUBS) has been a pivotal part of research and teaching at Queen's University for more than six decades. Located 50 km north of Kingston, QUBS encompasses approximately 3000 hectares of property, a range of habitat types typical of Eastern Ontario, and many species of conservation concern in Canada. The Station hosts myriad field courses, school groups, and outreach workshops annually.

Department of Art
Department of Biology
Department of Classics

Archaeological Dig Courses: 

Global Development Studies

Study Abroad

There are plenty of opportunities to study abroad during your undergraduate studies with Queen's Arts and Science. You can spend a term or year at our Castle in England, go on an international exchange with one of our 85 partner universities worldwide, participate in a departmental study abroad program or pursue our International Studies Certificate.

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What Our Students Say

Watch the videos below to see what some of our students have to say about studying Humanities, Social Sciences, Life and Physical Sciences, Languages and Cultures and the Creative Arts at Queen's.