Dual Degree Programs

What is a Dual Degree?

A Dual Degree allows Queen’s Commerce, Applied Science and Nursing students to complete an Arts and Science General degree (only) concurrently as they are working towards the completion of their primary degree in their home Faculty/School.  

Important Things to Know:
  • Dual Degree students must meet the unit requirements of the Arts and Science degree Plan in which they are registered as well as those of their primary degree in their home Faculty/School.
  • All units required for the Arts and Science degree Plan must be completed at Queen’s.
  • Completion of a Dual Degree typically takes an additional year to complete both degrees.
  • Students who are interested in such a program are encouraged to speak with an advisor in their home faculty about when they have elective space to take courses for a dual degree so they can plan courses accordingly.  Many courses that support a Dual Degree are offered in the Summer through Arts and Science Online studies.
What are the admission requirements?

The general admission requirements are below.  Students must meet all of the criteria.  Please note departmental admission averages may exceed these requirements:

(i)     have Full-Time status in their home Faculty or School;

(ii)    have completed the equivalent of at least 24.0 units (or 8 one-term courses, where a one-term course is equivalent to  a typical 3.0-unit course in Arts and Science) in their home Faculty or School;

(iii)    have been in good academic standing in their home Faculty or School throughout their Undergraduate Career at Queen’s;

(iv)    have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.60;[1]

(v)     apply to an Arts and Science degree program in a substantially different Plan from that in their primary Degree Program;


(vi)    satisfy departmental criteria for admission to the Plan. The student will be discontinued from the Dual Degree program.

How do I apply?

Applicants may apply for a Dual Degree program for a Fall, Winter or Summer start through Undergraduate Admission.  The application requirements and process are described on the Undergraduate Admission webpage.

Please note: students are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.  That is, students who apply for the Fall term are considered and may be accepted in advance of students who apply for the Winter and Summer terms.  There is a defined capacity in each degree Plan for each academic year and spaces may be taken before the Winter or Summer application periods.

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