Leave of Absence

Students may wish to take time away from school for a variety of reasons. If you make this decision before you have registered in the upcoming academic session, there are no forms to fill out to do this; you simply do not participate in the registration process. However, note that if you are in receipt of a scholarship or bursary, you may wish to speak to Student Awards to arrange a deferral of the funding until you return.  If you have participated in the course selection period in July but not yet made your tuition payment, you are still required to drop your courses.  These courses are considered active so tuition charges will apply and they will appear on your transcript with a failing grade, if abandoned.

There are times when a leave of absence from studies is unplanned. If, during the academic session, an illness or other extenuating circumstances will prevent you from attending class, attending an exam, or handing in an assignment, you must contact your instructor(s) and teaching assistants directly to make alternative arrangements. You should speak to an academic advisor in the Faculty of Arts and Science Student Services Office if you will need to be absent from your studies for a long period of time, or over a significant period of the academic session, such as midterms or final exams. Make sure to obtain doctors' notes or other relevant supporting documentation to verify that the time you are taking away from your studies is indeed medically necessary. Your instructors may wish to see your doctor's note upon your return, and it is within their rights to require you to provide that documentation.

If you have a parent or other representative call on your behalf, remember that they will not be able to discuss your academic or financial information with the University unless you have specifically designated access rights to them on your SOLUS account.

If you are away from your studies for an entire academic session or more, and have not attended another post-secondary institution during your time away, please notify the Faculty of Arts and Science Office by submitting a Return to Studies Form when you are ready to take classes again. No matter how long your leave of absence may be, you can resume your studies. However, along with all students registering in the academic session in which you wish to return, your record must be academically competitive and meet departmental requirements for proceeding in your concentration for that session.

Remember that you need to receive a Letter of Permission from the Faculty in order to take any courses at another post-secondary institution while you are away from Queen's. For more information download the PDF application for a Letter of Permission to take courses at a Canadian university or college. For international institutions, click here. Taking courses elsewhere without a Letter of Permission can jeopardize your status as an admitted student at Queen's.