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Celebrating 175 Years of Queen's Classics

What is Classics?

  • RTI-ing ancient inscriptions at a Nabataean dam

    RTI-ing ancient inscriptions at a Nabataean dam

Classics refers to the study of the Greek and Roman worlds.  Multi-disciplinary in approach, it involves the studies of history, literature, archaeology, religion, mythology, drama and philosophy, in addition to the ancient languages of Greek and Latin. Today our understanding of Greek and Roman culture is further enhanced by the latest digital techniques that increasingly pervade studies in archaeology, epigraphy, papyrology, and ancient science and medicine.  At Queen’s, students have the opportunity to get hands-on experience in the latest techniques by participating in one of two archaeological excavations supervised by our own faculty, or through a variety of projects and assignments.  

It can be said that studying Classics can lead to a wider appreciation of human values and achievements, and a more objective understanding of ourselves and our times.  Our undergraduates have gone on to a variety of occupations and have been accepted in graduate programs nationally and internationally.

Feel free to contact any of our faculty (see our Faculty page for our experts listings), or come visit us in the department with questions you have about our courses and programs.

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