Office of the Rector

"Princeps Servusque Es" (Be a leader and a servant) is the motto of the Office of the Rector, and truly embodies what the Rector strives to do for Queen's students.


So, you might be wondering: "What does the Rector do?" The Rector serves as the representative of all Queen’s University undergraduate and graduate students to the institution in matters pertaining to education. The Rector acts to support and mentor student representation and to enhance the broader learning environment. Serving on university governing bodies, including the Board of Trustees and Senate , and on numerous committees, the Rector voices student concerns and promotes educational excellence. The Rector also acts as an advisor to and advocate for students in grievance procedures. As well, the Rector promotes scholarly dialogue amongst students – notably through public speaker forums on topical issues. Additionally, the role involves many ceremonial functions, including convocations and conferring of awards. The Rector also serves a confidential support for all Queen's students, regardless of what students might be struggling with. A student leader elected by students, the Rector is located in the heart of student life in the JDUC.

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