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PeopleSoft Grade Entry

Queen's University uses PeopleSoft information systems in order to manage student records.

This page includes information to assist university faculty and staff in submitting and approving student grades. Please be sure to follow the appropriate links below so that the correct process is being used.

Training Materials
I am the Head of a Department or Department Chair

Department Heads will be responsible for grade approval on-line through PeopleSoft (rather than by signing off on printed grade sheets for each class). Access to grade rosters for departmental approval will NOT be restricted to courses in a single department, so Department Heads must take care to approve only grades for which they are responsible.

I am teaching a course(s) this term

Course Instructors will be responsible for entering grades for students. This can be done by one of two methods: entering the grades directly into PeopleSoft through the Faculty Centre using "Grade Roster", or by uploading the grades to PeopleSoft from a spreadsheet.

In order to access the "Grade Roster" in PeopleSoft, follow this navigation:

Self-Service > Faculty Centre > Grade Roster

I am a Department Assistant (or other)

Department Assistants will be responsible for a number of tasks related to grading in PeopleSoft. The tasks that you are responsible for will vary by department, but may include grade entry (done either through Grade Roster or Spreadsheet Upload), processing changes in grading, running a Grade Roster Status Report, and viewing student grades.

In order to access the "Grading" section in PeopleSoft, follow this navigation:

Curriculum Management > Grading

The following documents are instruction manuals on how to complete each of the tasks that you may be responsible for as a Department Assistant: