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Frequently Asked Questions

Now that I'm in PeopleSoft, where do I find my class/course roster?
Where do I go to get training for the PeopleSoft Student System?
All Training Material and Reference Documents are available through onQ
When I view a class list there are duplicate names showing - Why?

Duplicate names show if a student is either in a dual degree program or a MJM, Medial, etc.

To view the class list without duplicates, save the report as an Excel file, and then remove duplicates by student ID number.

Why do I see a blank page here? (Records and Enrolment >> Student Term Information >> Term Activate a Student)

When a student applies for a career, a blank page is created in Records and Enrolment > Student Term Information > Term Activate a Student.

This blank page will remain until the student is matriculated. Because the page is blank, it may seem that there is a problem with the record, but this is normal.

It may seem even more confusing if the student has already been accepted to Queen's (as, for example, an Undergraduate).

When that student applies to a Graduate career, the blank page will appear as the first record, again making it seem like there is a problem.

If the student is never accepted as a Grad Student, that page will always remain there. ​

Are there any outstanding issues with the PeopleSoft Student system?
When auditing a transcript of a dual degree student how do we know which program certain courses fall under?

The courses are not distinguished by program on a transcript. The transcript simply displays all courses taken in a term.

To see which courses are attached to one of multiple degree programs, go to the Enrolment Summary page ( Records and Enrolment > Enrolment Summaries > Enrollment Summary), put in the student number and term, and the courses listed will show the applicable Academic Program.

How do I set my user defaults so that chosen fields are always pre-populated?

There are many processes in PeopleSoft that may be repeated several times, each time requiring the input of standard fields.

Where the same value is being inputted into a given field for numerous processes, you can pre-populate these areas using your user default settings. Click here to learn how.