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The Office of the University Registrar provides a number of services to students throughout their academic career at Queen's

Here you can find important information regarding your student record, your financial obligations, your course selections, and other services available to you from the Office of the University Registrar.

Indigenous Student Self-Identification at Queen's

Stand proud and help strengthen the Indigenous presence at Queen’s!

  • Self-identifying allows Queen’s to provide the best programs and opportunities to Indigenous students
  • Students can learn more about their culture and/or connect with the growing Indigenous community at Queen’s
  • Students can self-identify at any time during their university career 

Students with Indigenous ancestry can fill out the self-identification information at any point during their time as a student at Queen’s via the SOLUS Student Centre

For more information, contact the Four Directions Indigenous Student Centre


Convocation / Graduation

  • Applying for Graduation
  • Ceremony Schedules
  • Webcasts & Simulcasting
     Student ID Cards
  • Validation / Pickup Schedule
  • Lost Cards
  • FAQ's
  • Timetables
  • Regulations
  • Conflicts / Special Arrangements
  • Cancellations / Evacuations
  • Ordering your Transcript
  • Transcript & Courier Charges
  • Transcript Legends
  • Tuition & Fees
  • Dates & Deadlines / Payment Methods
  • Fee Refunds
  • Financial Assistance
  T2202A Income Tax Certificates
  • How to get your T2202A
  • Tuition Amount Calculations
  • Grade and Degree Release Dates
  • Grade Distribution Reports 
  Verification (Degrees)
  • Verifying Degrees
  • Verifying Medical Residencies
  • Registration Basics
  • SOLUS Tutorials
  • For Graduate Students
  Verification (Enrolment)
  • Where to find it
  • What it is for