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University Vehicle VandalizedNovember 30, 6:33 pm: Campus - A stationary Patrol Officer reported observing a male student jumping on the roof of a parked University owned vehicle, with a group of companions hooting and hollering nearby.  The Security Supervisor responded met up with the group nearby, just as they were tipping over a trash container and spilling the contents.  The group scattered as Security arrived but the student who had jumped on the vehicle was detained by the Supervisor.  He initially stated not having any identification but relented when given the choice of dealing with Security or having City Police called.  The student, who was quite intoxicated, admitted he just left nearby Clark Hall pub and that he had indeed been jumping on the vehicle earlier.  Both he and his companions had already been photographed by Security and he was allowed to leave after being advised that the incident would be addressed by the University on the next business day.  An inspection of the University van revealed that a windshield wiper had been bent and the hood dented among with a number of footprints.
42 Kb picture of University Vehicle Vandalized
/ S6

Queen's vehicle vandalizedNovember 19, 4:24 pm: Ontario Hall - University staff reported to Campus Security that one of their department vehicles was vandalized sometime during the previous weekend - the driver's side mirror was smashed and required replacement.
25 Kb picture of Queen's vehicle vandalized / S7

November 18, 11:48 pm: Stauffer Library - A staff member reported her vehicle was vandalized sometime between 2:00 am and 6:15 am the previous morning. The vehicle's passenger side mirror was removed and footprints were noticeable on the driver's side window.

November 10, 00:12 am: Off Campus - A caller to the ERC reported a large group, believed to be Queen's students, had just walked on top of her car parked in front of a house on Johnson Street. The group of about 20 were last seen heading towards Campus on Division Street, and the Security Supervisor dispatched to try and locate them.  At 00:24, Security reported unable to find the group but confirmed there was a dent in the hood of the car  as well as a prominent footprint in the center of the roof.  Further checks of the area also failed to turn up the perpetrators. Two additional - likely unrelated - reports of vehicle damage on Campus were also reported over the weekend.

November 5, 10:40 am: Ontario Hall - University staff reported two of their department's vehicles had the side mirrors removed over the weekend.  Both were parked outside Ontario Hall and the mirrors were found laying intact on the ground beside them.  The mirrors were successfully reattached.

November 2, 7:30 pm: Clark Hall - A student reported someone ripped the exterior mirrors off his vehicle while parked near Clark Hall.

November 1, 3:05 pm: Victoria Hall - A student reported her friend's vehicle was parked in the lot behind Victoria Hall for a few hours, and when he returned at 4:00 am it was obvious someone had entered the vehicle and moved it to the other side of the lot.  It was additionally reported that some damage had been caused to the car's steering column.

Lamp post crushedNovember 30, 10:32 am: Campus - The ERC received a report that a large truck had just backed out onto Barrie Street and damaged a light post before driving off.  The Security Supervisor dispatched to the scene as the ERC received another call about the incident from KPD who reported the truck in question was at the Central Heating Plant and that the driver was likely unaware he'd hit the pole.  The driver soon returned to the scene and was met by KPD and Public Utilities staff who attended to the shattered post.
36 Kb picture of lamp post base crushed
/ S6

November 28, 9:33 pm: PhysEd Centre - PhysEd staff reported an individual had injured their knee in the Bews gym - Security and Queen's First Aid were informed to attend.  QFA tended to the minor injury and the individual did not require ambulance or transportation to hospital.

November 28, 3:30 pm: JDUC - The ERC received a call that a Queen's staff member had suffered a minor cut on their finger and requested Queen's First Aid. Security was informed and QFA were paged to attend.

November 27, 11:07 am: Jock Harty Arena - The ERC received a call from a PhysEd staff person reporting an individual had slipped and injured himself on the ice.  An ambulance, Campus Security and Queen's First Aid were informed to attend with the Security Supervisor and paramedics arriving simultaneously within about 2 minutes. After assessing the patient - a Queen's faculty member - paramedics transported him at 11:25 to KGH for treatment of a torso injury.

November 23, 1:41 am: JDUC - Alfie's staff contacted the ERC to report an individual in the pub who might require some medical attention.  Both Security and Queen's First Aid were informed to attend, and Regional Ambulance was also requested when the Security Supervisor arrived to find the individual unconscious and unresponsive in the arms of three friends outside the pub.  Within a couple of minutes she became conscious and initially refused to be tended to by paramedics, but was convinced otherwise since she was still disoriented and unaware that she had been unconscious. Paramedics assessed the individual when they arrived and eventually allowed her to leave for home in the care of some friends.

November 23, 1:37 am: JDUC - Alfie's Pub staff contacted the ERC and requested Security attend to deal with a fight going on at the front door. The Security Supervisor and a Patrol attended immediately and arrived to find staff with one of the individuals who had been involved and been injure in the fight.  Queen's First Aid tended to a bleeding cut on his upper lip while Security dealt with another incident and then returned to transport the individual to KGH for further treatment at 2:11 am.  

November 16, 1:36 am: Victoria Hall - The ERC received a report that a student had returned to the residence intoxicated, semi-conscious and vomiting.  Both Security and Queen's First Aid were informed to attend and QFA requested an ambulance at 1:45 when the student lost consciousness completely.  Both paramedics and KFD responded, arriving within 5 minutes, and the student was transported to KGH by ambulance.  Security received a call at 6:24 am that he was being released and provided him with transportation back to Vic Hall. 

November 13, 2:32 pm: JDUC - An AMS Constable reported a patron had knocked out a tooth and they wondered where he could get assistance.  The Security Supervisor was informed and arrived to find that the tooth was intact but sore and possibly loose.  The individual declined an offer to be transported to KGH but confirmed they would seek medical attention later.

November 12, 7:16 pm: Tindall Field - The ERC received a call that a soccer player had been injured during a game and Queen's First Aid was requested to attend.  Both the Security Supervisor and QFA attended and were told the player had been kicked in the ankle during the game - QFA tended to the injury and he was given an ice pack to apply to ease the swelling.

November 9, 11:40 pm: JDUC - Alfie's Pub staff reported an ill female patron had fallen over a chair and requested Queen's First Aid and possibly an ambulance attend.  Both QFA and Regional ambulance were called with the Security Supervisor and a Patrol arriving soon afterwards to find the patron unwell but conscious and coherent. QFA arrived within a few moments and tended to her until paramedics arrived at 11:47 pm. They were unable to determine her condition so she was transported to KGH for assessment at 11:59 pm.

November 8, 3:12 pm: Clark Hall - Bookstore staff contacted the ERC to report an older gentleman was currently laying on the floor, holding his chest and complaining of chest pains.  Regional Ambulance, the Security Supervisor and Queen's First Aid were informed to attend, with QFA attending to the individual until paramedics arrived within a few minutes.  QFA cleared the incident at 3:16 pm and the individual was transported by ambulance to KGH at 3:24 pm, with paramedics stating it was this individual's fourth ambulance call within the past 15 hours.

November 8, 2:34 pm: JDUC - A caller reported an individual had cut their finger and requested Queen's First Aid take a look at it. The Security Supervisor was notified and QFA were paged to attend, clearing the incident at 2:44 pm.

November 3, 2:50 pm: Tindall Field - The ERC received a request that an ambulance be called to attend to an individual with a serious knee injury.  The Security Supervisor and Regional Ambulance were informed and Queen's First Aid was paged.  The Security Supervisor met with the injured person, who reported he dislocated his kneecap in a fall, and he was soon transported to KGH by ambulance.  Security provided an escort to his residence when he was released at 4:30 pm that afternoon.

Campus Security has responded to 129 Medical Assistance (Injury/Ambulance Request/Death) calls this year as of November 1st.  There were 116 such incidents in 2000, 134 in 1999, and 69 in 1998. Please see our Stats link for additional statistical information. 

November 27, 5:04 pm: Summerhill / Old Medical Building - A staff member called the ERC to report a suspicious person had just been inside the building. When approached, he made an excuse that he was looking for a family member and then quickly left. The Security Supervisor was dispatched and requested radio equipped custodians also be informed. One custodian reported just having seen an individual matching the description heading north on Arch street.  The Security Supervisor headed in that direction and attempted to search the surrounding area but was hampered by student pedestrians walking on the roads and not yielding to traffic. The suspect was not relocated and the original caller was contacted.  Campus Security has since received reports this same suspect has been seen loitering inside the Old Medical Building as well.  He has been described as being a Caucasian male with a beard, 6' 3" tall and about 250 lbs, and was wearing a red ball cap and a yellow sweatshirt at the time of this incident.

November 25, 10:10 pm: Off Campus - The ERC received a call from an individual reporting she'd witnessed an indecent act in Victoria Park near Campus. The caller stated she'd just walked through Victoria Park and exited at the corner of Mack and Albert Streets when a young male rode up on a mountain bike and asked "You like this, Baby?", gesturing downwards where she noticed he had his pants partway down and his genitalia exposed.  She reported giving him a disgusted look and calling him a name, at which point he rode off on his bike into the park.  The caller had already filed a report with Kingston City Police and wanted to inform Campus Security so an alert could be issued to the Queen's community as the area is near Campus and she saw some Queen's students in the park that night.  The suspect was described as being an 18-20 year old Caucasian with short light coloured hair,wearing a red baseball cap, blue jeans and a medium blue jacket with a 2" wide yellow stripe across the chest.

November 16, 6:45 pm: Student Housing Area - A student reported having an encounter with a suspicious young male at her residence near the corner of Brock and Barrie Streets, close to campus . The caller stated that the individual, about 15 years old, arrived at her door and told her he was selling chocolate bars for the Canadian Council for the Blind.  During the encounter, the individual crowded her and tried to go into her house, asking questions about whether she lived alone and if her housemates were home, etc.  The caller ended up purchasing a chocolate bar from the youth but as she turned to enter her house, he put his hand on her lower back in a hugging manner.  The suspect left when the student closed the door, and afterwards she checked with her neighbours who told her no one had tried to sell chocolate bars at their houses. The youth is described as a Caucasian male, about 5'7" tall and was wearing a white ball cap, a white jogging suits, and white shoes.

November 16, 7:43 am: Etherington Hall - KGH Security reported a man was seen attempting to steal bike tires near the hospital and was then seen heading towards campus.  Security did a complete search without locating the suspect, but the ERC later received a call from a University custodian who reported he'd confronted the same suspect with a bike wheel near the Etherington Hall bike racks earlier in the morning.  He managed to get the wheel back but was unable to apprehend the suspect as he quickly rode off on a bike he'd arrived on.  The suspect is described as a disheveled male in his 40s, about 5'8" tall with a slight build and strawberry blond greasy hair, and appeared to have his fingertips taped.

November 13, 3:24 am: Ban Righ Hall - A student reported a suspicious individual was currently loitering around the south side of the residence where he'd been seen earlier that same night.  The Security Supervisor attended the area immediately and soon determined that the individual was kitchen staff taking his regular work breaks.

November 12, 9:31 pm: McArthur Hall - A caller reported two men in a rental van had just pulled up to the building and appeared to be checking out the bike racks.  The Security Supervisor and a Patrol attended the scene and determined that the individuals were contract employees transporting equipment and all was fine.

November 8, 8:37 pm: Kingston Field - A student reported seeing an older man on Kingston Field who appeared to be very intoxicated and stumbling towards the general direction of Clark Hall.  The Security Supervisor and Patrol searched the area for 20 minutes without locating the individual but two hours later, while enroute to West Campus,  the Security Supervisor saw an individual matching the same description who appeared to be engaged in conversation with a stop sign.  The man asked about going to City Detox for the night and Security provided him with transportation to that location, however he was not admitted due to a mild head injury (scrape) he'd suffered at some point during the evening and instead took a taxi to KGH for treatment.

November 7, 6:35 pm: Off Campus - A student informed Campus Security that she had been approached earlier that evening by an unknown woman in City Park, just north of Campus.  She reported the lady approached her and asked if she could ask her a question.  The student agreed, thinking the woman might want directions, but the the lady asked her what she thought about the September 11 events. The student decided to simply walk away at the point, explaining that she was late for class, but the woman followed her across the park until finally being told that the student would call for help if she didn't leave her alone.  The lady then forced two pamphlets into the student's hand, one dealing with suicide and the other with Jehovah's Witness, and walked to a nearby car where she was joined by two other woman.

November 6, 1:56 pm: Quinte Lodge/ Waldron Tower - The ERC received a report that a suspicious male was seen on two occasions lurking around the picnic tables between Quinte 1000 Islands Lodge and Waldron Tower. Whenever the suspect saw someone approaching, he reportedly would leave the scene immediately. He is described as being a Caucasian male in his early 20s, 6'-6'2" tall with a medium build, and at the time of the incidents he was wearing blue jeans and a gray sweatshirt  with a zipper up the front and the hood pulled over his head.

November 6, 5:22 am: Leonard Hall - A student called the ERC to report she'd seen a man laying on a grate outside the Residence and was concerned he may be injured.  The Security Supervisor arrived on scene to find the individual wrapped in a blanket and appeared to be asleep. Security woke him up to ensure he was okay and then asked him to sleep somewhere safer for the night.  The individual responded that he has been sleeping outside for the past five months and added that he had an antenna in his head and speakers in his hat.  The individual then switched to speaking French for the remainder of the conversation before eventually making his way off campus, refusing an offer to find him a better place to sleep for the night.

Campus Security has dealt with 141 incidents classified as "Suspicious Persons" this year as of November 1st. There were 210 such incidents in 2000, 248 in 1999, and 201 in 1998 . Please contact Campus Security (533-6111) immediately in these situations.

November 27, 11:48 am: Botterell Hall - Campus Security was informed that a white digital scale was stolen from a second floor lab in the building. The scale has a faculty member's name labeled on it in several places.

November 26, 11:52 pm: Tindall Field - PhysEd Department staff contacted Campus Security to report someone stole a 50' long section of 4' high orange plastic fence from the field sometime over the weekend.

November 16, 8:00 am: Waldron Tower - Campus Security was informed that the front desk area of the residence had been broken into sometime during the previous night. A small amount of cash and a few phone cards were reported stolen.

November 15, 10:17 am: JDUC - Staff report a tri-colour flag was stolen from the roof of the building sometime within the past week or so.  It is approximately 5' by 4' in size. It is suspected that someone gained access via a window on the 4th floor Grad Residence area where the screen was found removed. 

November 14, 3:32 am: Walter Light Hall - Security responded to an alarm activation in a second floor classroom to find an ITS cabinet and the equipment inside tampered with. Although it appeared there was some minor damage to equipment inside, nothing appeared to be missing from the cabinet.  The area was secured and additional information was provided to Security by a witness in the area.

November 8, 6:02 pm: McArthur Hall - A staff member reported a computer's hard drive, monitor, key board, and mouse were stolen from a kiosk sometime during the evening of November 16.  A report was also filed with Kingston City Police.

November 8, 10:50 am: Mackintosh Corry Hall - Campus Security was informed that two signs were stolen from the building sometime during the previous night, including a Reading Room sign and a directions sign for Arts & Science in the F200 section.

Camcorder Product PhotoNovember 6, 8:15 am: Richardson Hall - Staff reported two digital camcorders were stolen from a locked room, sometime between 4:30 pm the previous day and this morning.  A report was filed with Kingston City Police and the incident is being investigated.  They were both Sony CCD-TRV98 Camcorders with the serial numbers 110882 and 111199.
20 Kb product picture of camcorder model / ERC

November 4, 5:19 am: Graduate Club - The Emergency Report Center received a call from an external alarm monitoring company reporting an active intrusion alarm at the Grad Club.  Security responded immediately to find an exterior door partially open and requested Kingston City Police also attend for a possible break and enter. Officers arrived soon afterwards and it was confirmed that the building had been accessed, but a contact person who had also been called to the scene reported nothing appeared missing.  KPD took possession of some evidence and the building was secured for the night.

November 1, 12:06 pm: JDUC - AMS Walkhome staff report their sign - previously bolted to the wall under the stairs of the lower Ceilidh - was stolen sometime between 2 am the previous night and noon today. 

There have been 47 theft and 23 Break & Enter incidents involving Queen's property in 2001 as of November 1st.  There were 45 theft and 44 B&E incidents in 2000 and 104 theft & 34 B&Es in 1999. See our Stats link for more statistical information.
Note: City Police have recovered some items in the past but had no way of identifying them as Queen's property.  See "Protect Yourself Against Equipment Theft" in Safety Tips & Products.

November 25, 7:56 pm: Grant Hall - A student reported someone had broken the glass on the information map outside Grant Hall with a brick.  A Security Patrol was dispatched to the scene and confirmed the glass had been broken and that the map inside was gone. The glass posed a safety hazard to pedestrians so a custodian was requested to attend for clean up.

Vandalized Art WorkNovember 25, 10:45 am: Agnes Etherington Art Centre - Campus Security was informed that a stone "sculpture" was damaged at some point overnight when the center stone was pushed over.
30 Kb picture of Vandalized Art Work
/ S6

November 22, 5:01 am: JDUC - A stationary Security Patrol reported seeing a group of students flip over some of the furniture in the  common ground area before quickly exiting the scene. The Security Supervisor attended and put the furniture back in order.

November 18, 5:02 am: Leonard Hall - A Security Patrol reported finding a broken window on the south side of the residence. The Supervisor attended and determined it posed a safety hazard and had a PPS tradesperson called in to repair the damage. The tradesman arrived on campus at 5:58 am and finished the work by 6:34 am.

November 17, 4:52 pm: Harrison LeCaine - The ERC received a call reporting glass broken in the entrance door to the music building. The Security Supervisor attended and, since the hole was large enough for access to be gained to the building, a complete interior check was performed.  The building was found to be secure and a PPS tradesman was called in to fix the damage, finishing the repairs at 6:11 pm.

Window broken at Jeffrey HallNovember 17, 8:31 am: Jeffrey Hall - While enroute to an incident, the Security Supervisor noticed the lower window in the south east entrance had been kicked in. A PPS tradesman was requested to repair the damage and completed his work at 9:37 am.
25 Kb picture of window broken at Jeffrey Hall / S3

Window broken at Grey HouseNovember 17, 7:07 am: Grey House - A custodian contacted the ERC to report a window had been broken on the north side of the building, although it appeared unlikely anyone actually gotten inside. The Security Supervisor attended the scene to ensure an actual break and enter hadn't occurred, and a PPS tradesperson was called in to repair the damage, finishing the work at 9:37 am.
30 Kb picture of window broken at the Grey House / S3

November 18, 3:57 am: Gordon Brockington Houses - The ERC received a fire alarm activation for the residence and both Security and KFD were informed to attend. The Security Supervisor and Patrol met up with KFD and it was soon determined that a fire extinguisher, taken from the fourth floor kitchen of Gordon House, had been discharged in the nearby hallway setting off the detector. KFD set up fans to clear the area and an electrician was called in to reset the fire alarm system.

November 18, 3:11 am: Campus - The ERC received an Emergency Phone call from a person reporting a large group of males were walking down University Avenue throwing bikes into the street.  The Security Supervisor dispatched to the scene and within a few minutes another Emergency phone caller reported a bike rack outside Victoria Hall had been trashed. This call was soon followed by a report that a group of males were trying to remove a stop sign near Morris Hall.  Security attended each scene but no suspects were located. 

Art Work Vandalized Outside Art CenterNovember 16, 10:24 am: Agnes Etherington Art Center - Staff contacted Campus Security to report one of their "statues" outside was vandalized sometime over the previous night.
60 Kb pictures of
Art Work Vandalized Outside Art Center / S3

Book drop off bin vandalized outside Stauffer Library November 16, 8:26: Stauffer Library - Staff contacted the ERC to report they discovered that someone had flipped over a book bin outside the library.  The Security Supervisor met up with staff there and Physical Plant Services were requested to make repairs.
25 Kb picture of
Book drop off bin vandalized outside Stauffer Library / S3

November 13, 11:20 pm: JDUC - The ERC received a report that a group of intoxicated individuals were turning over furniture in the upper Ceilidh of the building. The Security Supervisor responded immediately and found tables, chairs and couches turned over in the area but no sign of the perpetrators.  Two students in the area assisted her in returning the furniture to their proper state.

Door glass kicked in at Tucke ShoppeNovember 10, 1:53 am: JDUC - A custodian reported finding the glass shattered one of the entrance doors to the "Tucke Shoppe". The Security Supervisor attended and determined that it appeared the steel wire reinforced glass had been kicked quite hard, but was intact and no entry had been gained to the store. For security and safety reasons a tradesperson was called in to repair the door with that work completed by 3:37 am.
30 Kb picture of door glass kicked in / S6

Garbage Strewn on Earl StreetNovember 10, 1:44 am: Student Housing Area - The ERC received a report of trash being strewn along Earl Street between Aberdeen and University Ave. The Security Supervisor attended, as did Kingston City Police, and reported back that he had moved some garbage cans off  the road where it appeared at least four had been overturned with their contents tossed around the street.  
31 Kb picture of garbage strewn along Earl Street / S6

November 25, 5:50 pm: Grant Hall - A student using a blue light Emergency Phone reported there was an individual in front of Grant Hall lighting fires with lighter fluid.  The caller provided a description of the suspect and the Security Supervisor and a Patrol dispatched to the scene, arriving to discover the suspect dancing and acting in an unusual manner. When asked what he was doing, he replied that he was "lighting some fires" and showed a trail of lighter fluid near the building's main entrance and a small pile of burned paper.  After providing identification to Security, the suspect walked away leaving his ID and wallet with Security.  Kingston City Police were contacted and the suspect was monitored until KPD arrived on scene within 5 minutes. The individual - a Queen's student known to both Campus Security and KPD - was placed under arrest, having to be physically restrained and handcuffed when he resisted.

November 24, 1:53 am: Dunning Hall - A Security Patrol reported seeing two individuals smash a window on the east side of the building.  The Security Supervisor met up with the Patrol and the individuals and had Kingston City Police attend when the suspects refused to produce identification.  KPD arrived soon afterwards and the two individuals were identified as being first year Queen's students. The y were subsequently arrested and charged with Mischief Under $5000.

November 25, 5:37 pm: Gordon Brockington House - A student reported his IBM ThinkPad was stolen from his room while it was left unattended for about 10 minutes in his unlocked room. Residence staff were informed of the incident and requested to contact Campus Security if anyone had information about this theft.

November 21, 8:04 pm: Frost Wing/Gordon Hall - Campus Security was informed that a faculty member's black, Macintosh G3 powerbook laptop computer was stolen sometime between 2:30 pm and 5:00 pm that day.

All members of the Queen's community are advised to keep doors locked when not in their office, rooms or homes. Please do not leave personal items unattended, even for a brief time. There have been 132 reported incidents of thefts under $5000 (not involving Queen's property) so far this year as of October 1st.  There were 109 such incidents reported in 2000, 276 in 1999, and 206 in 1998. 

November 22, 4:00 pm: McArthur Hall - A caller reported her black and red KHS mountain bike was stolen from the bike racks sometime between 8:30 am and 4:00 pm that day.

November 21, 10:16 pm: Jeffrey Hall - A Security Patrol reported noticing a young male who may be in possession of a stolen bike.  The Security Supervisor met up with the Patrol and observed three young males on bicycles, with one of them steering a fourth bike as he rode along.  The three scattered when approached by Security, but the one with the two bikes was detained and questioned.  When asked, the youth reported he'd found the bike on the nearby waterfront and claimed not to know the other two bicyclists who had been with him.  KPD were informed of the incident and, after the suspect was identified, the ERC contacted his mother who asked that he be sent home where she would deal with him.  The student was released at that point and the second bike, a small black BMX "Hyper DirtKing" bicycle,  was confiscated and delivered to Kingston City Police the next day.  

November 21, 8:42 am: Student Housing Area - A student reported her bike was stolen sometime between this morning and 3:30 pm yesterday from where it had been locked to her porch. It is a brand new, black and yellow "Giant Rock" model 21 speed mountain bike (serial#GVOU3087) and it was stolen from a house on the 400 block of Albert Street.

Railing cut to steal bikeNovember 20, 10:50 pm: Walter Light Hall - A student reported he'd locked his bike to the stairwell railing on the building's northwest side at around 6:45 pm and returned three hours later to find someone had cut the railing and stole the bike and its lock.  It is a blue and grey, 24 speed "Trek" mountain bike and an additional theft report has been filed with Kingston City Police.
22 Kb picture of railing cut in bike theft / S6

November 13, 1:44 pm: McArthur Hall - A student reported her forest green "Giant Iguana" mountain bike was stolen sometime between 8:30 am and 1:20 pm from where it had been cable locked to the bike racks. She was also advised to file a report with Kingston City Police. 

November 5, 2:15 pm: JDUC - A student reported her unlocked bike was stolen from the building's west side bike racks sometime between 1:40 pm and 5:30 pm the previous Saturday, Nov. 3.  It is a blue and white mountain bike with very squeaky brakes. The caller also advised to file a report with Kingston City Police.

November 3, 4:45 pm: Policy Studies Building - A caller reported her bike was stolen from the building's east side bicycle racks where it had been locked up.  It is a bright blue (w. orange trim) youth sized mountain bike that had been secured to the racks with a cord type lock. The caller also advised to file a report with Kingston City Police.

November 1, 10:16 am: Victoria Hall - A student reported her bicycle was stolen from the bike racks sometime between the evening of October 28 and the afternoon of the 30th.  The bike was locked with a cable lock and is described as being a blue CCM mountain bike that has a number of "Blink 182" stickers on it.

Bicycles should always be locked up. However, even a locked bike can be vandalized or stolen. There have been 47 reports of bikes/bike parts stolen this year as of November 1st and 36 such reports in 2000.
If you view suspicious persons or activity around a bicycle rack, or a locked bicycle elsewhere, please contact Campus Security right away.  If you discover your bike is missing, contact Campus Security and Kingston Police as soon as possible.

November 22, 11:16 am: West Campus - A tenant at John Orr Tower reported his vehicle was broken into overnight and a desktop computer tower was stolen.  A report was also filed with Kingston City Police.

November 22, 11:03 am: An Clachan Complex - A tenant reported the rear driver's side window of his car was smashed and his vehicle entered at some point during the previous evening.  Initially the only item reported missing was a flashlight kept inside the car.

Vehicles broken into at West CampusNovember 16, 10:30 am: Jean Royce Hall - A student reported his truck was broken into while parked at the Jean Royce 2 parking lot sometime between 9:00 pm the previous evening and 10:15 am this morning.  The thief smashed the driver's side window and stole a stereo from inside.  The Security Supervisor responded to take a report and also noticed a second vehicle parked in the nearby tennis court lot had been broken into as well.  This vehicle's rear driver's side window had been smashed although nothing immediately appeared to be missing. Kingston City Police were also informed of the break ins.
60 Kb pictures of Vehicles broken into at West Campus / S3

There have been 4 incidents recorded as "Theft from Vehicle" in 2001, as of October 1st. If you have to leave valuables inside your vehicle, be sure to lock them in the trunk - never leave them where they can be seen from outside the vehicle.

Vending machine broken intoNovember 21, 10:15 pm: Goodwin Hall - The ERC received a report that a vending machine had been broken into with coins and products left on the floor.  The Security Supervisor attended and had a Patrol stay in the area until the the vending company arrived to effect repairs less than an hour later.
27 Kb picture of Vending machine broken into
/ S6

November 20, 4:21 am: Victoria Hall - The residence desk clerk contacted the ERC to report there was a burning rubber smell in the main lobby area and she was unable to locate the source, but speculated it could be coming from the ventilation system.  The Security Supervisor was dispatched to confirm the report and a fire alarm pull station was activated.  KFD were on scene within 5 minutes and after an extensive search it was determined that a burnt light ballast on the floor below the lobby may have been the source.  The fixture was shut off for the night, with a repair request submitted to PPS, and both Security and KFD cleared the scene. 

November 6, 5:16 pm: Campus Area - The ERC received a number of calls reporting a fire in progress at the St. James Anglican Church located at the corner of Union and Arch Streets, with one of the callers stating that KFD was already on scene.  The Security Supervisor attended to confirm no University Buildings were affected and reported later that it appeared foam cushioning on some scaffolding had caught fire but it was extinguished by KFD at  5:37 pm.

November 17, 5:45 pm: Campus - A Security Patrol, while doing an interior building check, found an alarmed area with an unarmed system. The Security Supervisor was informed, attended, ensured the area was secure, and armed the alarm system.

November 12, 11:42 pm: Campus - Similar incident as above.

November 12, 11:35 pm: Campus - Similar incident as above.

November 11, 11:50 pm: Campus - Similar incident as above.

November 11, 00:50 am: Campus - Similar incident as above.

When leaving a room at the end of the day please ensure that the doors and windows are locked and secured and that all alarms are armed. There have been 48 alarmed areas reported found unarmed in 2001 as of November 1.  There were 63 in 2000 and 83 in 1999.

November 16, 3:01 am: Student Housing Area - The ERC received a call from a student reporting an unknown, intoxicated female had just walked into her home on Division Street. The caller asked that Security attend and provide the girl with a ride home, but called back within minutes - while Security was still enroute - to report the girl had left the house. Security checked the area without locating the girl and then returned to the house to pick up the jacket and wallet she'd left behind.  The ERC soon called the student to inform her that her belongings could be picked up at our office later in the day.

November 16, 2:37 am: JDUC - The ERC received a call from the Union Street Emergency Phone without receiving any response aside from a male who stated the phone had been activated by "some idiot".  The Security Supervisor was informed and managed to meet up with an intoxicated individual making his way up Union Street, but an offer to transport him home was declined.

November 11, 2:00 am: Gordon Brockington House - A residence don contacted the ERC to report a student just called City Police to attend and take a report for an assault that occurred off Campus.  The caller requested Security meet the Officers when they arrived to escort them into the residence, and the Security Supervisor and a Patrol dispatched to that location.  Police Officers arrived soon afterwards and took a report from the student before leaving for a downtown bar - where the incident occurred  - to talk to staff there.

November 1, 2:30 pm: Ban Righ Hall - Campus Security was contacted by a student reporting they had been assaulted by another student earlier in the afternoon.  The Security Supervisor took a report and consulted with the student, providing them with a number of options on how they could proceed with the incident. At 8:20 that evening, Kingston City Police dispatch contacted the ERC to request the Security Supervisor meet with an KPD Officer who was on campus investigating the assault.  Police and Security met with a number of parties, including Residence Life staff, and concluded the evening with one student being issued a notice to appear in court.

November 9, 11:49 pm: Clark Hall - Pub staff requested Security arrive to assist with a patron they were having problems with.  The Security Supervisor and a Patrol met with pub staff and an individual outside the Pub and were told that the patron had elbowed a staff member who was trying to break up a fight inside.  The patron, who was not a Queen's student, provided ID to Security and was issued a Pub ban by their staff.

November 9, 2:02 am: JDUC - An AMS Constable contacted Security for assistance with a group of individuals at the main entrance of Alfies Pub.  The Security Supervisor and a Patrol attended the main entrance to find an AMS Constable blocking another male from entering the Pub. The male student reported he had taken offense to the Pub staff member because he'd denied the student access to the Pub but allowed another group in instead. Pub staff reported that the student had pushed and swore at the AMS Constable and they requested he be identified.  The student produced identification, contrary to the advise from other members of his group, and they were asked to leave the area.  One of the group members became abusive and began yelling obscenities, at which point the Security Supervisor requested Kingston City Police attend and informed the group that the student's assault on the Constable might be brought up if they were still there when KPD arrived. This prompted the more rational members of the group to move everyone away from the area and the request for City Police attendance was cancelled.  Campus Security took no further action with the student since he complied when asked to produce student identification - as is required by the AMS Code of Conduct - and Pub staff made no requests that the matter be pursued.

November 9, 00:36 am: JDUC - The ERC was contacted by an AMS Constable requesting assistance with some individuals who refused to leave an area outside Alfie's Pub.  The Security Supervisor and a Patrol attended and met with Pub staff who reported three individuals had butted into the line up and refused to leave as directed.  However the group had gone to the back of the line just as Security arrived and no further intervention was required.

November 5, 9:34 pm: Student Housing Area - A student reported she was followed by a white van from the corner of Division and Johnson Streets to Earl Street where she walked by another student and the van drove off.  Some details of the vehicle were provided by the caller and Security did a complete search of the campus area but were unable to locate the van.

November 3, 8:30 pm: Victoria Hall - Staff at Rez Express reported they'd dealt with an individual suspected of shoplifting about an hour earlier. The suspect was apparently acting suspiciously inside the store and then ignored the cashier's request that he stop as he was going out the door.  The store manager left the store and stopped the suspect, asking to see what he had in his pockets.  He agreed to show her that his one pocket was empty, but refused to empty his other bulging pocket before walking away. As the call was not received until over a half hour after the incident, the suspect could not be located by Security and staff were asked to report such incidents immediately in the future.  The suspect was described as a Caucasian male, approximately 5'6" tall and around 19 years old with a medium build and chin length wavy dark brown hair.  At the time, he was wearing beige cargo pants and a beige 3/4 length jacket with green sleeves.

November 3, 4:53 pm: Policy Studies Building - A caller reported some skateboarders threw her young son's shoe up onto one of the building's overhangs and tried to take his money.  The Security Supervisor arranged for a custodian to retrieve the shoe and met with the victim, who stated he was playing with a couple of friends in the building's south courtyard when about 6 skateboarders started throwing crab apples at them. When he and his friends returned fire with pieces of pumpkin that were laying around, the skateboarders took his shoe and tossed it onto the first level roof.  The skateboarders had already left Campus by the time Security was notified.

November 2, 10:49 am: Richardson Hall - Campus Security received a call from staff at Richardson Hall, reporting they'd received a suspicious letter from the United States. Based on the information received, the letter sounded like one received by other Universities and reported to Queen's Security a couple of days previous.  However the protocol for suspicious packages was implemented, with EH&S informed and people who came into contact with the envelope being isolated.  It was soon determined there were no suspicious chemicals inside the envelope which contained anti-U.S. propaganda.  The letter had a return address from Norristown, Pennsylvania as did similar letters received by other Universities in Canada.

Please read the "Suspicious Packages & Letters" link in the "Emergency Responses" section of our Policies page

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