Mission and Vision




Bringing Queen's together to build a safe and empowered community. 


Working collaboratively with the Queen’s community and Kingston community partners to support a safe and secure campus environment for Queen’s University students, faculty, staff, and visitors, Campus Security and Emergency Services provides leadership in security services and expertise in investigation.  As champions in promoting an equitable and inclusive environment free of discrimination and bias, we continually strive to understand the needs of our community. Our strategies, solutions, and partnerships prioritize a safe and welcoming campus.


Our Values


Campus Security and Emergency Services holds itself accountable to develop and deliver methods and approaches that meet the unique and diverse safety needs of students, staff, faculty, and visitors. 


Campus Security and Emergency Services critically analyzes the evolving needs and expectations of the campus community and adapts our approaches to lead in the delivery of forward-thinking solutions.


Campus Security and Emergency Services embraces and defends Queen’s University’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and operates with the highest respect for all persons we serve.


Campus Security and Emergency Services operates in accordance with strict policy and procedure guidelines that ensure that our services are progressive, dedicated, consistent, and reliable.