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ARCHIVE: November 2003


Nov 30, 10:56 pm: City Park - A caller reported seeing a suspicious van in the region of City Park just east of main campus - two days earlier. According to the witness, the vehicle had been parked but started up and followed a female jogger as she ran by.  The caller reported the same vehicle was parked in the area now and provided a detailed description.  He was transferred to Kingston City Police to file a report and the Security Supervisor attended the scene.  The van was unoccupied at that time and no suspicious activity was observed as Security monitored it throughout the night.

Nov 30, 2:51 am: Residences - A student contacted the ERC to report waking up to find an unknown male standing in her room looking at her.  The individual - who appeared disoriented - left when she told him he was in the wrong room.  A description was provided and the Security Supervisor attended to meet with the caller along with the Residence's desk clerk.  After getting a more detailed description, Security located the individual in a common room trying to cook his Rez keys in a microwave oven.  The individual - a student living in that Residence - was somewhat uncooperative with Security and appeared disoriented so Kingston City Police were contacted to attended and assess the situation.  The officers spoke to the student for some time and were shown where his room was. Based on its location, it was determined the disoriented student made a mistake when he entered the other room thinking it was his own. He was cautioned about his actions and details were provided to Residence staff for possible follow up.

Please ensure your Residence room doors are locked at night and when you leave the room unoccupied.

Nov 29, 10:20 pm: Student Housing Area - A student residing in a house near Campus contacted the ERC to report an unknown man had knocked at their door and asked questions about a nearby house.  The caller refused to open the door to him and felt uncomfortable when the individual's continued asking questions.  The student requested Security do a drive-by to ensure the man wasn't outside their home and the Security Supervisor was dispatched to the area.  The caller was also transferred to Kingston City Police who reported having done a routine check of the man's vehicle earlier in the evening and were given a similar story about his intentions (regarding the house near the student's home).  Security did a complete exterior search of the student's house and did a few additional checks throughout the evening with no sign of the man.

Nov 27, 6:40 pm: Student Housing Area - The ERC received two separate calls from students reporting unknown men coming to their doors asking them to participate in a survey about students living in the area. Both incidents were located close together in the Student Housing Area and took place around 6:20 pm.  Although one student reported the man at her door was mildly persistent, neither expressed a serious safety concern but were unsure if their claim of performing a survey was legitimate.
Security staff contacted both the Residences and Apartment & Housing departments to determine whether either had commissioned such a survey but no confirmation of its legitimacy has been received at this time.

Based on the descriptions provided, it is unclear whether there were two suspects in these incidents or just one man:

The first caller described him as a Caucasian male between 35 and 40 years old, between 5'8" and 5'10" tall, clean shaven and wearing jeans, a dark top, and a hat.  The second caller described the person she encountered as being a Caucasian man who was over 5'5" tall, with brown hair, in his late 20s or 30s. He was wearing a yellow white & blue Columbia-style jacket, dark pants and a dark ball cap.

UPDATE - As a result of student feedback from this Alert, including one student who asked for and got a business card from one of the solicitors, Campus Security has contacted the person carrying out this survey.  That individual is a landlord in the area and conducting the questionnaire for his own purposes.  However, students are still cautioned to be careful when answering their door to someone they do not know.

Nov 26, 3:30 pm: Campus - Staff contacted the ERC to report two individuals were encountered inside a campus building and may have been 'casing' offices. At the time of the call the two had already left the building and were standing beside their bicycles outside, then rode off just as the Security Supervisor was being dispatched.  The two were spotted biking through the City Park off Barrie Street and continued riding away from campus.
They were both described as being in their 20s, and dressed similarly in black hoodies, black jeans and riding black bicycles. The two were also each carrying a walkie talkie according to the caller.

Nov 25, 11:37 pm: Campus - A student called the ERC to report an individual approximately matching the description of a man described in an alert last month may be outside Stauffer Library. The caller reported the same man use to approach her outside the JDUC in September asking for cigarettes and believes he may be doing the same thing now.  The Security Supervisor was dispatched and met up with the suspect outside the JDUC.  He claimed to have no identification on his person but indicated he'd had a library card for Stauffer Library.  They attended the library but staff there were unable to locate any record for the name he provided. Kingston City Police attended a few minutes later and transported the individual off campus to his residence so they could confirm his identity. A later follow up revealed it was not the man being sought in the alert, although he did generally match the indicated description.

Nov 21, 12:29 am: Campus - A custodian contacted the ERC to report a suspicious person in the area near Mackintosh Corry Hall and Richardson Hall, possibly looking to steal a bike or other property.  Security staff attended immediately but were unable to locate the suspect there or in the surrounding area.  He was described as being about 6'2" with blond hair and was wearing a blue cap, greenish coloured pants, and a blue 'hoodie' that looked as if there may have been something in the pouch (i.e. tools).

Nov 18, 10:14 pm: Stauffer Library - A staff member contacted the Emergency Report Center to report having difficulties with a patron.  The Security Supervisor attended immediately but found the matter already resolved with the woman in question apologizing for a misunderstanding.  According to staff, the woman had appeared to be looking over people's shoulders while they were using a computer and when a staff member approached to ask if she needed any assistance the woman began yelling at him. No further action by Security was required.

Nov 17, 12:00 pm: Mackintosh Corry Hall - A staff member reported spotting two young males walking in the building's fifth floor hallway.  The caller stated seeing the youths trying office doors as the walked, apparently to check if they were unlocked.  The duo ran off when the staff member stepped out into the hallway and were last seen headed North towards the local high school.  Both were described as being high school age with one of the males having long red hair.

Nov 12, 8:37 am: Kingston General Hospital - KGH Security contacted the ERC to report having just dealt with a male individual - as well as the previous day - who was acting suspiciously and may have been attempting to steal property.  He'd been escorted out of the hospital and last seen walking East on Stuart Street towards Barrie Street and City Park.  The Security Supervisor was informed to ensure he did not enter a University building.  
The individual was described as being in his late 20s, 5'10" - 6' tall with a slim build and short curly brown hair.  At the time of this incident he was wearing a black ball cap with a "White Sox" emblem on it, a white turtleneck sweater, a blue 'hoodie' pull over, faded blue jeans, white sneakers, and had earrings in both ears.

Nov 11, 3:02 pm: Campus - An individual visiting campus reported encountering a group of Asian males just outside the JDUC.  One of the males began asking her questions in another language, and when she told him she didn't understand he switched to English and asked for directions to some location. She explained she was a visitor to Queen's and not familiar with the campus buildings and moved on. 

However while the one male was asking her questions, she noticed the other three males congregating close to her right side. Then she realized a few minutes later that a very small purse she had hanging from her right shoulder was gone and believes one of the individuals may have cut the strap and stolen it.  She checked around the area and was unable to locate the purse or its contents so she called Campus Security and Kingston City Police to file a report. There was no description provided aside from the one male being Asian, in his 20s, with dark hair and wearing a black jacket.

Nov 3, 8:40 pm: Student Housing Area - A student emailed Security to report she and a female friend were followed home that night by an unknown male.  They noticed the man when they were walking towards King Street in City Park around 6:30 pm and, although he didn't loiter around once they were inside their house, he had followed them closely on the walk there including crossing the streets. She described the man as being a Caucasian male about 5'7" tall with a stocky build.

Nov 2, 8:40 pm: CampusA student contacted the ERC to report he and others had been followed by a "homeless man" who'd been yelling comments at them.  The Security Supervisor attended and met with another individual who claimed to have been yelled at by the same individual who was standing nearby.  Security got some identification from the male and confirmed the department had dealt with him in another disturbance on Campus a few days earlier. The man was asked to leave campus and informed he would be charged with Trespassing if he returned. At that point two female joggers ran by and the man decided he'd jog with them and ran off. The Security Supervisor followed the group but the man left the joggers and went off in another direction. 
This individual is described as being a dark skinned male in his mid 20s, about 5'6" tall and 140-150 lbs with short dark hair. At the time of this incident he was wearing white shorts, a black jacket and black shoes.

Nov 1, 9:46 pm: Jean Royce Hall - A student contacted Campus Security to report some residents have noticed a suspicious person nearby over the past few day.  No details were provided about his activity, aside from loitering for no obvious purpose, but he was described as being a short Caucasian male in his mid-30s with a slim build and drove a fairly new (golden) brown color car.  Although the individual in question was not reported to be in the area at the time of the call, Security did a check of the area to be certain.

Nov 1, 1:06 am: Campus - KGH Security contacted the ERC to report seeing an individual trying to open vehicles parked on lower University Avenue.  The suspect ran off towards King Street off campus when he noticed he'd been spotted by KGH staff.  He was described as being about 5'6" - 5'8" tall with blond hair and a medium build, wearing jeans and a red jacket with a reflective stripe. Queen's Security staff kept an eye out for the suspect but did not see him on University property that night.

Campus Security dealt with 207 incidents classified as "Suspicious Persons" in 2002. There were 165 such incidents in 2001, 210 in 2000, 248 in 1999, and 201 in 1998 . Please contact Campus Security (533-6111) immediately in these situations.  


Nov 30, 9:15 pm: Campus - A Security Patrol, while doing an interior building check, found an alarmed area with an unarmed system. The Security Supervisor was informed, attended, ensured the area was secure, and armed the alarm system.

Nov 30, 4:45 pm: Campus - Similar incident as above

Nov 29, 4:42 am: Campus - Similar incident as above

Nov 27, 5:13 am: Campus - Similar incident as above

Nov 26, 10:13 pm: Campus - Similar incident as above. 

Nov 11, 9:54 pm: Campus - Similar incident as above

Nov 9, 5:03 am: Campus - Similar incident as above.

When leaving a room at the end of the day please ensure that the doors and windows are locked and secured and that all alarms are armed. 


Crests Vandalized Outside Clark HallNov 30, 3:49 pm: Clark Hall - While patrolling campus, the Security Supervisor noticed some stones from the Engineering crests had been rearranged. A number of them had been moved among the same crest, replaced, or flipped over.  Since the situation presented a safety hazard to anyone who might walk through at night or without noticing the missing stones and trip, safety tape was placed around the area for the remainder of the weekend.
Pictures (~105 kb)
Crests Vandalized Outside Clark Hall / S9

Nov 28, 9:57 pm: McNeill House - An active fire alarm was indicated for the Residence and both Security & KFD were informed to attend. The system was restored by Security at 10:11 pm after it was determined a pull station had been activated maliciously in the 1st floor stairwell.

Nov 23, 3:29 am: Campus - A caller reported seeing eight intoxicated individual carrying a "No Parking" sign near Collingwood Street outside Leonard Hall.  The Security Supervisor responded and was unable to find the group in question, but retrieved the sign outside the Leonard Hall entrance doors.

At 3:35 am, the Security Supervisor noticed someone had stolen a "Stop" sign from the corner of Collingwood Street & Queen's Crescent.  Due to the serious safety hazard to traffic and pedestrians, City Public Works staff were informed to replace the sign asap.

Nov 20, 9:59 pm: PhysEd Centre - The ERC was informed someone had smashed the glass out of an entrance door to the building and was being chased by staff members.  The Security Supervisor attended and met up with a staff person who'd briefly detained the perpetrator. The individual was identified as a student and reportedly claimed he'd thought the window was made of plastic and wouldn't break when he hit it. The damage was repaired for the night and Security followed up this incident the next day.

Nov 16, 12:01 am: Student Housing Area - A caller reported two males were witnessed smashing and kicking at cars parked along Collingwood Street near main campus.  The Security Supervisor was dealing with ill and intoxicated students and unable to immediately attend, suggesting the caller inform Kingston City Police.  When that was suggested to the caller, he reported his own vehicle hadn't been damaged but indicated he'd file a report the next morning.

When the Security Supervisor was clear to attend the incident, the ERC also received a call reporting two males entered a Residence on campus and attempted to rip a phone off the wall and may have broken a window.  Security confirmed damage had been done to a window on the west side of the building and along with Residence staff located one of the suspects inside on the main floor.  He was uncooperative and belligerent when questioned and exited the building before the matter was resolved.

At 1:58 am, the ERC received a report of an intoxicated male with open alcohol who was being abusive and uncooperative with staff who refused admittance to another Residence.  Security attended and discovered it was the same individual dealt with earlier.  He was equally belligerent in this encounter and threatened both Security and Residence staff before walking away.  However he came back at 2:53 am and Residence staff contacted Security again for assistance.  The Security Supervisor attempted to convince him to leave the building, but he refused and continued making threats so Kingston City Police were requested to attend.  At that point the student walked away from the building but was monitored by the Security Supervisor - who refused his monetary offers to leave him alone - until Police Officers arrived and placed him under arrest.

The next day, Police and Security spoke to the second student suspected of hitting cars parked on Collingwood Street.  He was cautioned about the actions and told he could face criminal charges if there were any reports of damage to those vehicles. He was also informed that since he was underage Police would be contacting his parents. 

Nov 15, 5:21 am: Residences - A desk clerk reported a coke machine in the building had been broken into the previous night. Their custodial staff cleaned up the glass and the desk contacted the machine owner for repairs and to check their inventory.

Nov 13, 1:00 pm: Dupuis Hall - A staff member contacted the ERC to report an irate student had just left the Computing Store and kicked out the glass in an interior door before exiting the building.  The Security Supervisor attended to take a report and ensure the damage did not present an immediate safety hazard. Custodial staff were already involved in cleaning the broken glass and Physical Plant Services was contacted to have the door repaired. Since the student had been in the store then and previously to have a computer repaired, ITS staff was able to provide his name to Security. The student and Residence staff were contacted by the Supervisor and informed he'd be responsible for paying to have the door fixed and that the incident would be forwarded to the AMS Judicial Committee. 

Nov 7, 9:20 am: Stirling Hall - The Parking Department reported two vehicles were vandalized - windows smashed - in the parking lot south of the building.  The Security Supervisor met with the students and made arrangements for a report to be filed with Kingston City Police. There were no initial signs of property stolen from inside the cars.

Vehicle Vandalised at West CampusNov 5, 2:00 pm: West Campus - A staff member contacted the ERC to report a minibus parked at the West Campus lot had a shattered drivers side window.  The Security Supervisor attended to confirm the report  - a chunk of concrete was thrown through the window - and determined the vehicle was owned by a club on Campus.  They were informed of the vandalism.
Pictures (~70 kb) of vandalized vehicle at West Campus / S6

Nov 6, 12:55 am: Student Housing Area - A student living near Campus contacted the ERC to report hearing a loud bang and believes something hit or was thrown at her Queen's owned house. The caller asked if Security could do an exterior check to ensure everything was okay and the Supervisor attended with a Patrol.  They met with the tenant and saw that a blue box used for recycling had been thrown at a front window, breaking the outer of the two panes.  Since the house was still secure and there was no immediate safety hazard, Apartment & Housing was informed of the incident for repairs to be made. 
Picture (~35 kb) of vandalism in Student Housing Area / S9

Nov 2, 2:07 pm: Richardson Stadium - While on mobile patrol of West Campus, the Security Supervisor discovered a vehicle had its drivers side window smash, likely with a chunk of cement that was found on the passenger seat. The glove box appeared to have been searched, but it was not immediately known if anything had been taken. Kingston City Police were informed of the details to locate and inform the owner.

Vandalism in JDUCNov 1, 10:00 pm: JDUC - A caller informed the ERC there was a bad water leak in a men's washroom. The building custodian was sent for clean up, but radioed back within 10 minutes to report the washroom had been vandalized and he was unable to turn off one of the sources of the leak. A plumber was called in to assist and the Security Supervisor attended the scene. Upon arrival it was observed that all the soap, toilet paper and paper towel dispensers had been torn off the walls. In addition, the toilets in the washroom were plugged up with various objects and the lids on the backs were damaged. A witness provided a brief description of possible suspects and Security is investigating.
Pictures (~75 kb) of vandalism in the JDUC / S9

window smashed in ResidencesNov 1, 2:40 am: Residences - The ERC was informed that a window had been broken in one of the Residences and required a tradesperson to be called in for repairs. An external contract company was contacted and the area was 'caution taped' off to ensure no one would be injured by the glass or broken window. Repairs were completed by 3:58 am.
Picture (~45 kb) of window smashed in Residences / S9

Campus Security dealt with 110 "Mischief Under $5000" incidents in 2002. There were 104 such incidents in 2001, 118 in 2000, 82 in 1999, and 98 in 1998.


Nov 29, 1:39 pm: Residences - A student contacted Campus Security to report people were throwing snowballs against windows in the Residence and disturbing people who were studying.  The Security Supervisor attended the scene and spoke to the students involved with throwing snowballs.  They were understanding and apologized for the disruption. No further follow up was necessary.

Nov 22, 11:31 pm: Campus - The ERC received a call from KGH Security who stated someone using a cell phone had just called them to report being stuck in the stairway of a building near KGH.  Since the building was actually Queen's owned, the Security Supervisor attended to let the person out.  The individual was freed from the stairwell at 11:41 pm but it turned out the access door wasn't actually locked, the individual just hadn't pushed hard enough to open it..

Nov 20, 4:43 pm: Theological Hall - the ERC received a report of a strange smell in the building near a telecommunication station. The caller suspected some electronics were overheating. The Security Supervisor and a staff member from ITS attended the costume room the basement of the building and determined the transformer in the area was fine.  No other odd smells were noticed in the area aside from some musty costumes.  Security and ITS cleared the scene at 5:02 pm.

Nov 18, 1:00 am: Campus - At about 1:00 am, a Security staff member noticed an email had been sent to the department, reporting an audible buzzer was sounding from a fire exit door on campus.  The writer commented that the noise was annoying and requested it be reset as soon as possible.  The Security Supervisor dispatched to the scene and attempted a reset, but the system was malfunctioning and had to be queued for repairs the next day.
Note: Do not email Campus Security if you require assistance or want to file a report of any importance. Instead, phone our department at 533-6733 any time of the day or night..

Nov 13, 11:29 pm: Residences - While on mobile patrol of Campus, the Security Supervisor observed a few dozen or so students congregating in front of a Residence on main campus. During a second drive by she noticed a few students putting something in a flower bed near the entrance and run back inside.  When the flower bed was checked, Security found a large empty beer bottle and four full cans of beer. After disposing of the items, the Security Supervisor entered the Residence and informed the students that consuming alcohol outside or inside the building was not allowed. Residence staff were informed to monitor the group and no further action was required.

Nov 11, 9:42 pm: Brockington House -The Residence desk clerk reported a vending machine in the lobby may have been broken into. Security attended and observed the access door was open although there was no obvious sign of vandalism.  The machine and its contents were secured and the the vending company was contacted to attend and make any necessary repairs.


Nov 28, 10:48 pm: Victoria Park - The ERC received a report of a suspicious male in the park north of main campus.  The caller reported seeing a man masturbating by a large shed in the park while she was walking by.  The Security Supervisor attended to check the area - but was unable to locate the suspect - and the student making the report was transferred to Kingston City Police.

The suspect in this incident was described as being a Caucasian man who appeared to be in his late 20s with dark hair and of average height, wearing dark clothing and possibly jeans.


Nov 28, 2:05 am: Campus - The ERC received a report that a group of students was seen running down Collingwood Street carrying a bicycle. They were then observed running south towards the waterfront - where the caller suspects they may have thrown the bike into the lake - before returning to campus and entering one of the Residence Buildings. A brief description was provided but the group was not located by Security staff.

Nov 22, 12:07 am: Off Campus - While on mobile patrol of the Student Housing Area, the Security Supervisor observed three or four student aged individuals near the corner of Division & Princess Streets.  The group was dressed up like construction workers and had set up barriers to block off traffic in the area.  As it was not on University property, Kingston City Police were informed to investigate.

Nov 21, 12:37 am: Off Campus - The ERC received a call from an individual who claimed he'd been jogging by St Mary's Hospital - on Union Street between main and west campus - when someone threw rotten vegetables at him from a passing car.  Security was informed of the incident and the caller advised to file a report with Kingston City Police. No subsequent similar reports were received.

Nov 18, 10:32 am: Off Campus -A staff member contacted the ERC to report seeing an unattended blue suitcase sitting on the ground outside a church near main campus. According to the caller the suitcase was partially open and making a fast "ticking" sound.  Since the church was located off University property, the caller was transferred to Kingston City Police.  However the Security Supervisor attended to carefully check the suitcase and found some (harmless) small plastic items inside with no signs of a ticking sound.  Kingston City Police dispatch was updated but reported an officer was already enroute and assumedly would take possession of the suitcase. 

Nov 6, 10:10 pm: JDUC - Walkhome staff called the ERC to report there was a male individual covered in a mesh and some bicycle locks at the intersection of University & Union Street.  The Security Supervisor attended and noted a large group of people in the area, but no one tied up with mesh and bike locks.


Nov 26, 9:28 am: West Campus Parking Lot - While on mobile patrol of campus, the Security Supervisor observed a vehicle with a shattered driver's side window.  Kingston City Police was informed and the ERC attempted to contact the owner identified by paperwork found at the vehicle. It was later determined the vehicle was owned by a Queen's student who was contacted by the Security Supervisor.

Nov 25, 9:55 pm: West Campus Parking Lot - A shuttle bus driver contacted the ERC to report a vehicle had been broken into in the west campus lots and the owner is on scene now.  The Security Supervisor met with the owner and observed a rock had been thrown through the front passenger side window sometime between 1:30 and 10:00 pm. A cell phone, sunglasses and some CDs were stolen from inside.  Security taped plastic over the window area as a temporary measure and the owner drove it off the lot, later filing a report with Kingston City Police.

Nov 25, 8:31 am: West Campus Parking Lot - A staff member reported their vehicle was broken into while parked in the west campus lots between 12:30 and 8:30 pm the previous day.  According to the caller, a rock was thrown through the rear driver's side window and a CD case was stolen. A report was also filed with Kingston City Police. 

There were 28 incidents recorded as "Theft from Vehicle" in 2002 and 16 such incidents in 2001. If you have to leave valuables inside your vehicle, be sure to lock them in the trunk - never leave them where they can be seen from outside the vehicle.


Nov 25, 4:00 pm: PhysEd Centre - A student reported her red and cream colour backpack was stolen from the women's locker room that afternoon. The student stated the backpack was inside an unlocked locker at the time. A report was also filed with PEC staff.

Nov 24, 11:50 am: PhysEd Centre - A previous visitor to Queen's contacted Campus Security to report a wallet was stolen earlier from her backpack three days earlier while it was left unattended in a dressing room.  It is a navy & white wallet with the name "Roxy" written on it.

Nov 22, 10:08 am: Stauffer Library - A student reported her wallet was stolen from her backpack while it was left unattended for a few minutes. It is a black Calvin Klein wallet with the student's ID and credit/bank cards.

Nov 9, 6:43 pm: Campus - A student reported he'd left his jacket unattended at a study desk in Stauffer Library for a short while and then saw an unknown male walking away with it just as he was returning to the desk. He confronted the individual who returned the jacket & its contents and then walked away.  Later that same day the student was in the JDUC and saw the same individual as he entered the building and then again when he left. These two incidents both happened during the previous day..

The suspect was described as being a Caucasian male about 5'11" tall and 170 lbs with short blond hair. He was initially seen wearing a Queen's rugby short and later wearing a PEC t-shirt.

Please do not leave personal items unattended and/or unsecured, even for a brief time. There were 150 reported incidents of thefts under $5000 (not involving Queen's property) in 2002.  There were 149 such incidents reported in 2001, 109 in 2000, 276 in 1999, and 206 in 1998.


Nov 22, 4:13 am: Gordon Brockington House - An active fire alarm was indicated for the Residence and both KFD & Security were informed to attend. Upon arrival they attended the active zone - 3rd floor Brockington House South - and discovered someone had emptied a fire extinguisher in the area and set off a detector.  The extinguisher was not located and the fire alarm system was reset by Security at 4:31 am.

Nov 16, 2:07 am: Morris Hall - An active fire alarm was indicated for the Residence and both Security & KFD were informed to attend.  Upon arrival they attended the second floor and saw smoke resulting from a cooking accident.  The area was ventilated and the fire system reset by Security.

Nov 9, 6:53 pm: Chown Hall - An active fire alarm was indicated for the Residence and both Security & KFD were informed. Upon arrival they were informed a student had been cooking on the 2nd floor and it was soon discovered that an empty pot was left on a red hot stove element.  The pot was removed and the stove turned off, then Security reset the fire system at KFD's request. 

Nov 8, 8:27 am: Mackintosh Corry Hall - A caller reported the wood mulch in a flower bed was smoldering due to cigarettes being discarded without being fully extinguished.  Security was informed and had KFD attend as well - they were on site within a few minutes and put out the fire by dousing the area with water. 

Nov 7, 7:40 pm: Mackintosh Corry Hall - The ERC received a report of a small fire in the flower bed outside - Security attended immediately and had KFD contacted when it became apparent the windy conditions would make it difficult to completely extinguish. They were on scene within five minutes and used water and brooms to ensure the mulch in the flower bed was completely free of embers. It was determined a discarded cigarette likely started the fire.

Nov 7, 7:17 am: Stuart Street Residence - A fire alarm activation was indicated for the Residence and both KFD and Security were informed to attend.  A fault was determined with fire system that resulted in a second alarm activating at 9:37 am, and a smoke detector was later replaced.

Nov 2, 3:41 am: Victoria Hall - An active fire alarm was indicated for the Residence and both KFD & Security were informed to attend. The ERC received a call reporting a group of about 10 individuals - possibly upper year students - were seen activating a pull station and run off carrying "Exit" signs from inside the building. The Security Supervisor did a quick search for the group before attending Vic Hall to meet with firefighters, and a Security Patrol was sent to try and locate the individuals. KFD and Security determined the pull station in D wing had been activated for no apparent reason and reset the fire system at 3:56 am.

Just as Security was clearing the scene at 4:02 am, a fire alarm activated in the Waldron Tower Residence. KFD and Security dispatched to that location and the building's desk clerk called the ERC report seeing a lone male activate a pull station. Upon arrival KFD and Security confirmed no reason for the activation and reset the fire system.  It was subsequently learned that two students had been sitting on the Residence's south side front steps and let a drunk male into the locked building when he told them he was there to see a friend. According to the desk clerk, he watched that intoxicated individual walk up to the desk, lean against the wall for a second, and then activate a nearby pull station before running out the north exterior doors.  The individual was described to be a Caucasian male with short dyed bleach blond hair and wearing a red baseball cap. One of the males involved in activating the earlier alarm at Victoria Hall was also described as being blond and wearing a red ball cap, but it has not been confirmed to be the same person.

Anyone with information about these incidents (or any malicious alarm activations) is requested to contact the Emergency Report Center at 533-6111.

There were 32 fire alarm activations categorized as "malicious" in 2002. There were 28 such incidents in 2001, 27 in 2000, 19 in 1999 and 26 in 1998. Please see our Stats link for additional statistical information.


Nov 21, 10:00 am: Leonard Hall - A student reported her bike was stolen sometime within the previous 24 hours.  It is a unique Micmo brand bicycle sold only in Europe and had been secured with two locks.  It is black & orange and had new lights on it.   Caller was also advised to file a report with Kingston City Police.

Nov 11, 10:43 pm: Off Campus - A student contacted the ERC to report she'd just been escorted home by an AMS Walkhome team and arrived to see an unknown male holding a pick axe.  The individual - who appeared to be in the process of stealing a bike locked outside a Division Street house - leaped over a nearby fence when he noticed he'd been spotted and ran off. No description was provided aside from the suspect having a slim build and being between 5'6" and 5'8" tall.  She also filed a report with Kingston City Police.

Nov 11, 1:30 pm: Off Campus - A student reported a black "Velo" gel-tech bike seat was stolen off her bicycle while it was parked outside her residence on Princess Street. A report was also filed with Kingston City Police.

Nov 8, 5:57 pm: Stauffer Library - A caller reported their bicycle was stolen from the bike racks outside the library. It was described as being a 1960s style bicycle with streamers and colored spoke beads. The caller was also advised to file a report with Kingston City Police.

Nov 7, 4:08 pm: Mackintosh Corry Hall - A student reported their black & grey "Gary Fisher" mountain bike was stolen the previous day from the south bike racks where it had been secured with a cord type lock. A report was also filed with Kingston City Police.

Nov 6, 5:13 am: Harrison LeCaine Hall - A student reported his bicycle was stolen from outside the building sometime within an hour period.  It is a black & grey "Gary -Fisher" Mountain Bike. The student also filed a report with Kingston City Police.

Nov 4, 1:51 pm: Leonard Hall - A student attended the Security office to report his bicycle was stolen from the Residence's bike racks sometime since the previous day.  It is a blue "Dyno Void" Mountain bike with front & rear shocks and a hole in the middle of the frame.  A report was also filed with Kingston City Police.

Nov 2, 11:22 am: Victoria Hall - A student reported her maroon colour Mountain Bike was stolen from the bike racks sometime with the previous 24 hours.  The caller was advised to also file a report with Kingston City Police.

Bicycles should always be locked up. However, even a locked bike can be vandalized or stolen. There were 51 reports of bikes/bike parts stolen in 2002, 52 in 2001 and 36 such reports in 2000.
If you view suspicious persons or activity around a bicycle rack, or a locked bicycle elsewhere, please contact Campus Security right away.  If you discover your bike is missing, contact Campus Security and Kingston Police as soon as possible.


Nov 20, 6:34 pm: Student Housing Area - A student contacted the ERC to report her housemate was just assaulted by an unknown man outside her house. According to the caller, the victim had just exited a taxi and had her arms full with grocery bags when the man crossed the road and punched her in the inner shoulder area. He then stared at her for a second, mumbled an apology and quickly walked away.  The student wasn't seriously injured but it was an unusual situation that she wanted reported to Campus Security and City Police. The Security Supervisor also met with the student to discuss the incident.
The suspect was described as being a Caucasian male about 5'8" with a portly build and was wearing a grey ski cap, a grey shirt and dark pants.

Nov 15, 1:00 am: Student Housing Area - The ERC received a report of  banging & smashing noises coming from the vicinity of University Ave and William Streets in the student housing area near campus.  The Security Supervisor attended and spotted a male individual carrying the front panel of a Coke machine.  She exited the vehicle and approached the male, later identified as a student, just as a Police Cruiser pulled up.  The student provided a name when asked to identify himself and admitted the vending machine panel was not his.  At that point the police officer began to exit her vehicle and the student ran off southward on University Avenue towards main campus.  The officer returned to her vehicle and followed him until the student got caught up in some snow fencing by Dunning Hall.  At that point he turned around and started back up University Avenue, assaulting the Security Supervisor as she was standing in his path, and continued running away.

He managed to elude Security and the Police Cruisers who were looking for him in the Student Housing Area, and when they followed up on the name he'd given police it was discovered he'd given another student's name instead of his own. However his correct identity was determined by the next day and Police arrested him for Possession of Stolen Property, Obstructing Police, and Assault.

Nov 8, 12:13 am: Student Housing Area - Campus Security received a call that two males had been assaulted off campus.  The Security Supervisor - already enroute to a nearby location with QFA for a minor medical assist call - diverted to meet with the injured students. Kingston City Police were also contacted to attend.
Security was informed the two individuals - one a Queen's student - had been walking south on University Avenue by Johnson Street when they were approached by four unknown males. The group called them a name and immediately assaulted the two, kicking and punching them repeatedly. The attack was witnessed by the original caller and a female (student) was treating their injuries when Security and QFA arrived. After receiving additional care from QFA, the two individuals were transported to their residence.  No description of the assailants was provided.

Nov 2, 4:50 am: Off Campus - While on mobile patrol of the Student Housing Area, the Security Supervisor and a Patrol spotted an intoxicated male who appeared to require assistance. He was wearing only one shoe, his shirt was covered in blood and he was holding his (injured) nose. The individual identified himself as being a St Lawrence College student and reported he was jumped by unknown attackers while walking alone on Ontario Street downtown. Immediately afterwards he went to KGH Emergency for treatment and was just now trying to make his way home after being released.  He did not have money to take a taxi but lived close to main campus, so the Security Supervisor transported him to his house.  The  student was unable to provide a description of his assailants and didn't remember if they'd said anything to him during the attack.

Nov 1, 1:00 am: Campus - Campus Security was informed a male student was assaulted by three unknown men while he was walking alone between Watson Hall and the Mackintosh Corry parking lot about 30 minutes earlier.  Security Supervisors and Queen's First Aid were informed and met with the student.  QFA treated the individual who stated he'd been walking home from a party located off campus and encountered three unfamiliar males who attacked him. He was unable to provide any description except that one was wearing a green golf shirt and a second had on an orange collared shirt.  The student was accompanied by a friend to KGH for a thorough assessment and then transported back to his residence by Security after being released at around 2:50 am.  His condition was monitored throughout the night by a friend and he was informed to contact Security for assistance if/when he wanted to file a report with City Police.

Note there have been at least 6 incidents of random assaults involving male students within the past two months.


Nov 18, 8:27 am: Student Housing Area - A student contacted Campus Security to report someone stole a purse from inside her house near Campus.  The caller stated she and her housemates never lock their front door when they are at home and apparently someone walked inside and stole her purse a couple day earlier (Nov 16) without being seen or heard. It is a medium size dark brown suede purse with plastic straps and included all her identification, some cash, keys, a white toque and pair of black gloves.

Nov 9, 8:11 pm: Student Housing Area - A student residing in a house near main campus reported noticing the screen in their living room window - which they apparently rarely keep locked - had been sliced open and some pillows immediately below the window were turned over. They noticed the screen about a half hour earlier and believe someone entered their house but was scared off when they heard one of the tenants.  Nothing was initially noticed missing from the house and the caller was advised to file a report with Kingston City Police.

Please ensure that your doors and windows are locked at all times and that your curtains are drawn. Report any suspicious activity around your home or Residence immediately to the Emergency Report Center (533-6111) and to Kingston City Police (549-2111).


Nov 16, 11:18 pm: Underground Garage - A Parking staff member reported one of their storage areas had been broken into.  The Security Supervisor attended and observed a door to the area had been pried open and the contents inside were in disarray.  Nothing appeared missing initially and many old tools and other supplies could be seen still inside.
Picture (~40 kb) of door damaged in B&E / S9

Nov 10, 8:17 am: Campus - A staff member reported arriving at their offices to discover a number of computer CPU cases were missing. The Security Supervisor attended and was informed seven CPUs and a flat screen LCD monitor had been stolen during a recent break-in.  Kingston City Police were informed and an officer attended to take an initial report, then a KPD Ident Unit arrived later in the morning to collect evidence.

Nov 3, 2:15 pm: Clark Hall - Staff report for costume jewelry rings were stolen from a display case during the day.

There were 33 theft and 22 Break & Enter incidents involving Queen's property in 2002.  There were 64 theft and 27 B&Es in 2001, 45 theft and 44 B&Es in 2000, and 104 theft & 34 B&Es in 1999. See our Stats link for more statistical information.
Note: City Police have recovered some items in the past but had no way of identifying them as Queen's property.  See "Protect Yourself Against Equipment Theft" in Safety Tips & Products.


Nov 16, 1:10 am: Student Housing Area - A student contacted the ERC to report her housemate returned from a party and was extremely intoxicated and hyperventilating.   Security & Queen's First Aid were informed with Security arriving first to assess the situation and clearing the scene when QFA arrived.

Nov 15, 11:02 pm: Student Housing Area - The ERC received a call requesting someone investigate an extremely intoxicated female outside a house near Campus.  Both Security & QFA were informed to attend and arrived to find an intoxicated female student laying on the front porch.  QFA assessed her condition and requested an ambulance attend.  While awaiting the paramedics, they were advised of a second very intoxicated student in the house who needed assistance. QFA were still busy with the first student, so Security attended to the second female until QFA could arrive. Regional Ambulance dispatch was contacted about this student as well, and after about 15 minutes RAS supervisors arrived on scene to report all four ambulances for the city were tied up with other calls and would be a while. Two ambulances showed up a short while later and transported both individuals to KGH Emergency. 

Nov 14, 11:55 pm: Dunning Hall - A Security Patrol contacted the ERC to request QFA attend to an intoxicated student they spotted being carried down the street by two friends.  The Security Supervisor and QFA attended to treat the vomiting student and were informed he'd been drinking shots of different liquors all night. An ambulance was called for the prone student and paramedics were on scene within 10 minutes to transport him to KGH.

Nov 14, 3:35 pm: Campus - The ERC was informed of an ill student outside Ontario Hall - the Security Supervisor attended to confirm the report and requested QFA be paged a minute later. They assessed the student - who was clearly intoxicated - and determined she'd be fine if she went to her residence and laid down for a while. The student was helped to a cab and left with a friend & QFA, but they soon requested an ambulance meet with them when the student became more ill.  Paramedics were on scene within 5 minutes and transported her to KGH for observation.

Nov 13, 10:44 am: Residences - A Don contacted the ERC to report a student had burned her hand with boiling water and requested Queen's First Aid attend.  Security & QFA were informed and the student was given ice & ointment to apply to the burn. 

Nov 4, 6:10 pm: Residences - A caller reported another student hit his head against a door and suffered a bleeding wound. Security & QFA were paged to attend and at 6:33 pm Security transported the student to KGH for treatment.

Nov 2, 12:40 am: Campus - A student using a blue light Emergency Phone contacted the ERC to report being with a severely intoxicated female who was vomiting and too drunk to walk any further.  The Security Supervisor met the caller and two members of AMS Walkhome who were holding up the student. Together they managed to get her to her residence, but decided to contact Regional Ambulance when she lost consciousness just outside. Paramedics were on scene soon afterwards and transported the student and one of her friends to KGH Emergency.

Campus Security responded to 225 Medical Assistance (Injury/Ambulance Request) calls in 2002.  There were 151 such incidents in 2001, 116 such incidents in 2000, 134 in 1999, and 69 in 1998. Please see our Stats link for additional statistical information.


Nov 12, 10:22 pm: Student Housing Area - A student contacted the ERC to report someone just threw an egg at him from a passing vehicle near the corner of Division & William Streets. Some details about the vehicle were provided and the Security Supervisor informed.

The next day another student reported a similar incident during that same night at around 10:30 pm. On that occasion an egg was thrown by a blond curly haired male in a car and she was hit on the wrist. This occurred at the corner of Mack & Alfred Streets and the vehicle was described as being a medium size dark grey car.

Campus Security has received about a dozen separate reports of eggs being thrown from cars over the last few years, including one in July of 2000 where a student was considerably bruised in the incident.


Nov 4: 1:10 pm: Printing Services - Staff contacted Campus Security to report a Queen's Printing Services van was stolen from their lot on Barrack Street sometime between 11:45 am and 1:00 pm.  It is a white 97 Dodge van with "Queens University" written on the driver and passenger side doors.  A report was also filed with Kingston City Police.
UPDATE: November 6 - This vehicle was been reportedly found by Police out of gas on a side street in Toronto.


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