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ARCHIVE: February 2004


February 29, 5:10 pm: Ellis Hall - The ERC received a report that a basement window had been kicked out in the building. Security attended to confirm the report and had the Emergency Report Center call in a PPS tradesperson to repair the damage & the window was boarded up by 5:50 pm.

February 27, 08:00 am: Stauffer Library - Staff reported three photocopy machines were vandalized earlier in the week, rendering them inoperable. The damage was noticed soon afterwards and a contractor attended to make repairs.

February 16, 5:50 pm: JDUC - A custodian contacted the ERC to report someone had "trashed" the lower men's washroom. The Security Supervisor attended and observed one of the stall's partition wall had been completely removed from the wall. Temporary repairs were made and FIXIT staff were informed for permanent repairs to be made the next work day.

February 13, 10:05 pm: Albert Street Residence - A custodian contacted the ERC to report he was chasing a male individual through the residence who was discovered vandalizing property.  The Security Supervisor was dealing with some other students involved with mischief/theft of property and unable to immediately attend. The custodian then reported he had stopped chasing the individual - believed to be a student  -who had fled down Stuart Street. 
The suspect was described as being a Caucasian in his late teens or early twenties, about 6'2" tall, clean cut with short brown hair, and was wearing an orange-rust colored t-shirt, beige pants, and brown suede boots.  
He was initial found throwing light bulbs down a stairwell, and later it was discovered the bulbs came from an elevator in the Residence which had been fully loaded with furniture.  

February 13, 4:10 am: Victoria Hall - Residence staff contacted the ERC to report some vandalism had occurred in the 1st floor common room of AVandalism in Vic Hall wing.  The Security Supervisor attended and observed some furniture had been piled on top of each other, including about ten couches - most taken from the lobby - three coffee tables, four chairs, and an ironing board. Along with the furniture in the room was a broken clay potted plant, some recycling bins and some smashed glass. Maintenance staff were already on scene in the hallway outside, cleaning up a mess of broken crackers and plywood from a bulletin board that was torn off the wall and smashed. 
Picture (~35 kb) showing some of the vandalism in Vic Hall / S

February 13, 2:50 am: Leonard Hall - While attending to a noise complaint at the Residence, the Security Supervisor discovered the bottom window panes of the interior and exterior north doors had been smashed out. Residence maintenance staff cleaned the glass and a PPS tradesman was called in to repair the damage.

February 7, 3:15 am: Fleming Hall - While patrolling main campus, the Security Supervisor discovered a window had been smashed out of one of the building's main doors.  A PPS tradesman was contacted and attended to repair the damage.

February 3, 10:05 pm: Jean Royce Hall - A Residence staff member contacted the ERC to report a large number of students throwing snowballs outside the building. At that time one window had been broken by the individuals and a number of noise complaints were received by the desk clerk.  The Security Supervisor attended and asked the group to move away from the building while Residence staff reported having identified & were dealing with the individuals responsible for breaking the window. 

February 1, 3:15 am: Leonard Hall - Residence staff reported finding three of the four main doors to the Residence had their lower glass panes shattered.  The Security Supervisor confirmed the report and had a Physical Plant Services tradesman called in to make repairs so the building could be secured.

Campus Security dealt with 123 "Mischief Under $5000" incidents in 2003. There were 110 such incidents 2002, 104 in 2001, 118 in 2000, 82 in 1999, and 98 in 1998.


February 29, 1:00 pm: West Campus - While on mobile patrol of the West Campus parking lots, the Security Supervisor found the front doors of a parked bus wide open.  Upon closer inspection the Supervisor observed there were candy wrappers all around inside and speculated someone may have forced their way into the bus and ate all the bus driver's candy..  The bus door was subsequently closed and locked up by Security.

February 15, 3:05: West Campus - The ERC received a call reporting some kids were seen around construction equipment at West Campus and may have been attempting to 'hot wire' one of the vehicles.  The Security Supervisor attended but found no one in the area, however the engine compartment on a large back hoe was found open.  It was subsequently secured and a quick search of the other equipment did not reveal any other mischief or damage.

February 13, 9:50 pm: Campus - A caller reported spotting three males carrying a bicycle rack near Goodes Hall and the Security Supervisor dispatched to the scene.  The Supervisor caught up with the group near Union & Albert Street and asked where they got the bike rack from. The group admitted taking it from nearby KCVI high school and explained they wanted to use it to make a snow boarding ramp at their house.  When informed their actions could be considered theft, they claimed to only be borrowing it and would return the bike rack when they were done.  The three identified themselves - two were Queen's students & one was a St Lawrence college student - and were cooperative with Security when it was suggested they return the property instead of having to deal with City Police.

February 12, 12:25 am: An Clachan - While on patrol of the residential complex, the Security Supervisor observed that a vending machine had been broken into sometime earlier in the day. The ERC informed the machine's owners to attend and make repairs.

February 7, 2:00 am: Jean Royce Hall - Residence staff contacted the Emergency Report Centre to report having difficulties with a student. The Security Supervisor attended and was informed an intoxicated student had barricaded himself in his room and was refusing to let anyone in. The Security Supervisor was also informed the student had hit his head a number of times, so - after likewise being refused admittance to the room - he contacted Kingston City Police to attend. Police arrived soon afterwards and arrested the student after he became aggressive with the Officers.

February 6, 10:30 am: Mackintosh Corry - Food Services staff reported a couple of counterfeit 20 dollar bills were used on the 2nd and 3rd of the month in the cafeteria. The items were turned over to KPD - serial numbers on the 20 dollar "bills" were BDW0983617 and BAW0683617.

Learn how to detect a counterfeit or genuine bill by knowing the various security features found on Canadian bank notes. (from the Bank of Canada website)

February 4, 3:15 pm: Waldron Tower - The Residence desk clerk contacted the Emergency Report Centre on behalf of a staff member whose vehicle was damaged by heavy snow falling from the roof. The Security Supervisor and Parking staff attended the scene where they confirmed the person's windshield was cracked by the snow when it fell. The vehicle was later driven away by the owner.

February 3, 4:00 pm: Kingston Hall - The Parking Office contacted the ERC to request Security attend to take a report for a number of vehicles damaged by snow falling from the roof of Kingston Hall.  The Security Supervisor met with their staff on scene and observed three vehicles were damaged by the heavy snow landing on the cars. One had its front hood dented in, the second car also had its hood dented as well as a shattered windshield, and the third had its roof dented in the incident.  Parking staff erected barricades around the area and a Physical Plant Services duty manager was informed.
Pictures (~75 kb) of vehicles damaged by falling snow / S

February 2, 1:45 am: Stuart Street Residence - The ERC received a report that four males had grabbed a vacuum cleaner, stuck in an elevator, and then ran out of the Residence carrying a shovel..  The Security Supervisor took a drive by the scene but was unable to locate the individuals.


February 29, 3:35 am: Leonard Hall - An active fire alarm was indicated for the Residence, and both KFD and Security were informed to attend. Upon arrival it was obvious someone had emptied a fire extinguisher in the lobby, setting off a detector. Residence maintenance staff were contacted for clean up and took possession of the fire extinguisher found discarded just outside the main entrance. The fire alarm system was reset at 3:42 am by Security.

February 19, 9:55 pm: McNeill House - A Residence staff person contacted the ERC to report two individuals had lit a fire outside the north east corner of the Residence.  The Security Supervisor attended and found a male and female standing over a small fire on the sidewalk.  One identified herself as being a Queen's student and the other reported he was on campus as a guest of the student.  The two admitted purchasing a large box of matches and a bottle of lighter fluid with the sole purpose of lighting the fire - subsequently handed over to Security - and gave no reason for their actions other than they "were bored".  The student was cautioned about their activity and reminded she was responsible for the actions of her guest. Details were also provided to the Residence Office for follow up the next business day.

February 17, 10:50 pm: Botterell Hall - A custodian contacted the ERC to report a smoky smell in the air but no actual smoke could be seen.  The Security Supervisor attended immediately only to discover some students in the basement who claimed an ancient microwave oven set fire to their popcorn after only being on for around three seconds.  When the supervisor opened the door to the microwave, it started up on its own and couldn't be turned off, so it was unplugged and an "out of service" sign was placed on it.  A follow up to the appropriate department was left for follow up the next day.

February 13, 3:10 am: Victoria Hall - An active fire alarm was indicated for the Residence and both Security & KFD were informed to attend. After investigating the active one, it was determined someone had maliciously activated a pull station on the 3rd floor of D wing.  The system was reset at 3:24 am and KFD cleared the scene.

February 11, 11:30 pm: Waldron Tower - An active fire alarm activated in the Residence and both KFD & Security were informed to attend.  Upon arrival they determined the active zone was on the 6th floor and attended to find a detector was dripping with water and had been activated maliciously.  Three students were identified as the perpetrators and Residence staff were notified for possible disciplinary action. 

There were 47 fire alarm activations categorized as "malicious" in 2003. There were 32 such incidents in 2002, 28 in 2001, 27 in 2000, 19 in 1999 and 26 in 1998. Please see our Stats link for additional statistical information.


February 28, 2:45 pm: Campus - An intrusion system for some audio/visual equipment activated at the ERC and Security was dispatched to the scene. They arrived immediately to find some an a/v cabinet had been tampered with, but it was not obvious whether any equipment had been removed. A complete interior & exterior check of the building turned up no suspects. A departmental contact person was informed of the incident and reported would follow up the incident during the next business day.  The system was rearmed and the area locked up by Security before clearing the scene soon afterwards.

February 19, 11:45 am: Campus - A staff member reported one of their rooms was broken into overnight and a NEC MT-1030LCD model digital projector (Serial # 98001059W) was stolen. It was in a black polyester case and had "Dept. of Geography, Queen's University" engraved on it along with some Queen's U. stickers. Campus Security and Kingston City Police both attended and Police are investigating the theft.

February 17, 10:12 am: Campus - Staff reported discovering two DVD players were stolen from a building over the weekend.  Security attended and observed signs of forced entry was used in both cases. Kingston City Police also attended to take a report and are investigating.

Update: one of the stolen items is a Samsung DVD player Model # M301 - Serial # AH6800719J .  The other is a RCA DVD Player. Model # DRC220N - Serial # C281N3131.

February 11, 5:40 am: Gordon Brockington House - Custodial staff contacted Campus Security to report a Foos ball table was missing and presumed stolen from where it had been chained up on the main level of the Residence.

There were 51 theft and 37 Break & Enter incidents involving Queen's property in 2003.  There were 33 theft and 22 B&Es in 2002, 64 theft and 27 B&Es in 2001, 45 theft and 44 B&Es in 2000, and 104 theft & 34 B&Es in 1999. See our Stats link for more statistical information.
Note: City Police have recovered some items in the past but had no way of identifying them as Queen's property.  See "Protect Yourself Against Equipment Theft" in Safety Tips & Products.


February 28, 1:20 am: Residences - A Residence staff person contacted Campus Security to report a male individual was in the main lobby and acting violent. The Security Supervisor and a Patrol attended to find the suspect in one of the rooms. The individual - not a Queen's student - became belligerent and confrontation when questioned so Kingston City Police were contacted to attend. They arrived on scene just as Security managed to get the suspect outside - initially Police were going to drive him to a friend's house for the night, but decided to have him spend the night in jail after he became confrontational with the Officer. Security cleared the scene soon afterwards at 1:50 am.

February 26, 2:30 am: Residences - The ERC received a report that a half dozen individuals appeared to be video taping and banging on windows, possibly trying to break them. The Security Supervisor attended and met up with the group - they were cooperative and denied trying to damage property, offering to show Security the video they'd taken.  The offer was declined and a quick check of the area confirmed no damage had been done. No follow up was required.

February 25, 10:45 pm: Residences - A Residence staff person contacted Security to report a group of students appeared to be smoking marijuana outside the building. The Security Supervisor attended and immediately encountered the group as they entered the Residence. The students admitted to the activity and were cooperative, providing ID to Security when asked.  They were then reminded drug use & possession is a violation of the Queen's Code of Conduct and that Police may be contacted for similar actions in the future. They were also informed Residence staff may follow up the incident with them the next day.

February 24, 5:20 pm: Campus - A Residence staff person contacted the ERC to report some individuals on a roof area of their building.  The Security Supervisor attended and spotted a male individual jump off the roof of the building's main entrance as he approached. The person eventually joined up with three other skateboarders nearby.  The group had already been spoken to by Security earlier in the day in regards to noise complaint, safety and potential property damage by skateboarding on Campus. Upon seeing Security the group became belligerent and disruptive so Kingston City Police were contacted to attain ID from the skateboarders.  KPD met up with the Supervisor soon afterwards and all the suspects were given NOPs, banning them from University Property. One individual had previously been NOPd by Security and Police issued him a Provincial Offenses Notice for Trespassing.

February 20, 8:00 am: Stirling Hall - An email was received by Security from a staff member reporting an attempted theft that took place the previous day.  The victim reported his winter jacket went missing between 3:15 and 3:30 pm and while searching for the coat he encountered two young males on the 1st floor.  When he asked who they were, one of the youths stated they were waiting for his aunt but when questioned further he wasn't sure about her name or where exactly she worked.  After they claimed no knowledge of the missing jacket, the staff member escorted from the building.  After searching a while longer, the coat was found stuffed into a garbage container in the 5th floor men's washroom.

The young males found in the building were described as both being around 16 years old and between 5' 3" - 5' 4" tall - one was stockier than the other and had dark blond hair while the second male had short dark brown hair.

February 17, 8:10 am:, Stauffer Library - While attending the library on an unrelated call, the Security Supervisor observed a man who appeared to be sleeping in a chair in the fireplace room.  When awoken, the man reported he was not a student and claimed to not have any ID. He complied when asked to leave and provided a name similar to ones given in earlier suspicious persons reports. As the individual also matched the description provided in those reports, Kingston City Police were requested to attend.  Security followed the suspect off campus and although he attempted to disappear behind some houses, Kingston City Police and Security caught up to him near Division and Brock Streets. At that time he was issued a Notice of Prohibition, banning him from Queen's property.

The suspect is described as being between 30 and 35 years old. about 5'8" tall with strawberry blond greasy hair, and a large nose.  And has been seen wearing a khaki green 3/4 length winter jacket with a hood - and sometimes with a black toque with white trim -  hiking style running shoes & blue jeans, and carries a black backpack - possibly with a small Bell Canada logo on it.

If you see this individual on Campus DO NOT APPROACH him - call the Emergency Report Centre at 533-611 (36111 internally) immediately. He is also suspected of being involved in the following reports and perhaps other incidents on Campus as well...

  • February 14, 9:15 am: JDUC -The ERC received a report of a suspicious male who may have been using intravenous drugs in an upstairs washroom.  The Security Supervisor attended and encountered two men not affiliated with the University - one reading a newspaper and another sleeping on a couch. Both were asked to leave the property and complied without incident.  While continuing to search the area, the original caller met with Security and took them to the washroom in question where evidence of intravenous drug use was discovered.  Custodial staff were contacted and asked to attend the area for clean up and to change the garbage containers.
  • February 14, 2:20 pm: JDUC - A student contacted the ERC to report a suspicious man searching for something in the couches by the QP.  Upon arrival, the Security Supervisor observed one of the men asked to leave the premises earlier in the day (see above) looking through the couch cushions.  He claimed to have lost some money in the couch and claimed to not have any identification on him when asked for ID.  He was again directed to leave the building at which point he became confrontational with Security and then left the building.  Kingston City Police were contacted to attend and the Security Supervisor monitored the man's progress as he left campus and attempted to elude observation, at one point hiding behind a snow bank on Beverly Street.  He managed to disappear before Police could arrive and a search of the area was unsuccessful in relocating him.

February 17, 3:40 am: JDUC - A staff member reported encountering a suspicious man found sleeping in the building who was refusing to leave. The Security Supervisor arrived to see two men leaving the building and the original caller pointed out one of the individuals as being the one dealt with earlier.  Security spoke to the man who claimed he had just been passing through the building and fell asleep..  He was advised sleeping was not permitted in the building as asked to leave, which he did.

The caller then informed the Supervisor he'd initially heard some banging on the third floor of the JDUC and then saw the suspect exit the third floor and go down to the second - at that point the man had been carrying a dark color bag.  However when the man was being question by Security he didn't have a bag, and a search of the building located one matching the description - similar to a large hockey bag - as found in the north stairwell.  It was empty aside from containing a hammer and it is suspected the witness had interrupted an attempted break & enter in the building. 
The suspect was described as being about 5'10" tall and 170 lbs with dirty blond hair and a goatee, wearing a dark Adidas jacket with a dark hooded sweatshirt and dark pants.  
A second male, initially thought to be uninvolved but was seen joining up with the first man, was briefly described as being about 5'8" tall and 180 lbs wearing a tan jacket.

February 14, 1:15 am: JDUC - The ERC received a call reporting a previously NOP'd man was in the building. The Security Supervisor met with the caller and together they spoke with the individual for the few minutes it took for Kingston City Police to arrive.  The reported the suspect was wanted on a warrant and took him to the Police station for booking. The individual was also wearing a blue Converse jacket over to of a black leather jacket witnesses had seen him wearing earlier in the evening and it is suspected the Converse jacket may have been stolen from the JDUC that night (however no subsequent theft reports were received by our department).  Police later reported the individual was returned to the Quinte Detention Centre where he'd only be released a few days before.

February 12, 2:30 pm: Campus - KGH Security reported a male suspect was encountered inside a vehicle attempting to steal property. When he realized he'd been spotted the man fled the scene, dropping articles he'd found inside the car along with some tubing stolen from the hospital earlier.  The individual was last seen in the area of Etherington Hall and may have entered the building. The Security Supervisor and the Parking Department were notified, but a thorough search of Etherington Hall and campus lots was unsuccessful in locating the man.
He was described as being in his mid 20s,  about 6' tall with short brown hair & a mustache, and was wearing a tan jacket and blue jeans.

February 12, 10:03 am: Stauffer Library - An individual contacted the Emergency Report Center stating two males were observed viewing pornographic websites on a library computer. Library staff had already been informed of the situation and the Security Supervisor attended. He spoke to two non-student males who denied viewing such material and claimed to not have any identification on them. No witnesses to the alleged activity was present so the two were warned that any activity of that nature in the future would result in them being banned from the property. The two men understood and left the library soon afterwards.

February 10, 10:30 pm: Off Campus - A student reported she was followed by an unknown man while she was walking from Stauffer Library to her house near Campus about an hour and a half earlier.  The caller said the suspect kept up with her when she started walking quicker and continued following when she doubled back towards main campus.  The student then went up to the porch of a house and the man continued walking by and disappeared. 
The suspect was described as having a medium build, about 5'9" - 5'11" tall, and was wearing a puffy black coat and a black hat.

February 10, 10:10 pm: JDUC - The ERC received a report from a student who spotted a noticeably upset male sitting in the stairwell, then exit  the building without a jacket and in bare feet. The Security Supervisor dispatched to the area and located the individual in Mackintosh Corry. He identified himself as not being a Queen's student and stated his jacket was in the JDUC and his shoes were left behind when he was in City Park earlier in the evening. A Security Patrol retrieved his jacket from the JDUC and the individual left the scene and headed towards City Park - assumedly to get his shoes.

February 2, 6:30 am: Campus - An individual working at the University informed the ERC of a suspicious incident. The caller reported he'd left his vehicle idling unattended for a short time, while it was being watched by a coworker at a distance, and just as he exited the building the caller saw an unknown male approach his vehicle as if he was about to get inside and possibly steal it.  When the man saw the owner coming, he walked away and left the scene in another vehicle.  

Campus Security dealt with 222 incidents classified as "Suspicious Persons" in 2003. There were 207 such incidents in 2002, 165 in 2001, 210 in 2000, 248 in 1999, and 201 in 1998 . Please contact Campus Security (533-6111) immediately in these situations.  


February 27, 5:40 pm: Clark Hall - Pub staff contacted the ERC to report a patron appeared to have fallen off a chair and injured her back. Security & Queen's First Aid attended to find her being tended to by two other students with First Aid training. The injured party was briefly assessed by QFA and she stated feeling fine. The student reported she fell when a friend tripped her by accident. 

Campus Security responded to 246 Medical Assistance (Injury/Ambulance Request) calls in 2003.  There were 225 such incidents in 2002, 151 such incidents in 2001, 116 such incidents in 2000, 134 in 1999, and 69 in 1998. Please see our Stats link for additional statistical information.


February 27, 1:00 pm: JDUC - A student reported his back pack - containing a Medical kit, lab coat and ID card - was stolen sometime earlier in the day. It is a "Solo" brand, blue & black bag with a zippered pocket and was possibly taken while left unattended in an unlocked room for about 5 minutes. The student was advised to also file a report with KPD.

February 27, 9:40 am: MacDonald Hall - A staff member reported finding a bag and purse on her desk in the morning and assumed it was property found left behind in a nearby room. She contacted the owners (students) of the property, but when they came to retrieve the items they reported things were missing. The one student reported his IBM R40 laptop computer (serial# SFX37865) was gone and the other reported $40 was stolen from her purse.

February 25, 7:55 pm: Biosciences Complex - An individual informed the ERC his laptop computer was stolen from an office while it was left open and unattended.  When he returned after about five minutes he noticed his coffee was spilled onto the floor and his laptop was gone even though it had been locked to the desk (the lock was apparently just pulled out of the laptop and left behind). It is a black Compact Versario 1600 computer. Kingston City Police were also informed about the theft.

Another staff member noticed a suspicious individual on the same floor just prior to this theft, and he was briefly described as being  a Caucasian student aged male, between 5'8" and 5'9" tall that was wearing a white baseball cap and a blue baggy sweatshirt.

February 24, 3:00 pm: Douglas Library - A student reported a wallet was stolen out of his jacket while it was left unattended in a cubicle.  The theft likely happened at around 11:00 am but the caller didn't realize his wallet was gone until much later.  A small amount of cash, credit cards and ID were inside.

February 25, 8:30 am: Campus - A Construction company contacted the Emergency Report Center to inform the department that two heavy duty generator batteries were stolen from a site on campus.  They were last seen on Friday February 20 in the afternoon - there were no immediate signs of forced entry and no other property appeared to be missing.

February 19, 4:55 pm: Stirling Hall - A caller reported his black, 3-fold wallet was stolen while left unattended in his unlocked office for a short while.  He was advised to also file a report with Kingston City Police.

February 16, 12:55 pm: Campus - While on mobile patrol of main campus., the Security Supervisor was flagged down by a pedestrian who reported seeing a man toss a wallet while walking ahead of him on Union Street.  The witness picked up the wallet and subsequently handed it over to Security - two ATM cards and some ID were found inside, but no credit cards or cash, and the wallet was later returned to its owner.  
The suspect was described as being approximately 50 years old with long dark hair and wearing a blue winter jacket with a yellow stripe on the end.  A search of the surrounding area was unsuccessful in locating the suspect.

February 12, 7:10 pm: Stauffer Library - A Commissionaire contacted the ERC on behalf of a student who left his jacket unattended and discovered it had been stolen when he returned. The Commissionaire found the jacket after searching the library, but a wallet inside was gone.  The student was advised to cancel any bank or credit cards asap. 

February 10, 9:35 am: Campus - A staff member reported a small amount of money was stolen from an office desk, likely while the room was left open and unattended.

February 9, 5:50 pm: Victoria Hall - Staff at Rez Express contacted the ERC to report catching an individual shoplifting several food items. The Security Supervisor was attending a priority call elsewhere and attended when clear. City Police were already on scene taking a report when Security arrived - the individual was subsequently issued a Notice of Prohibition, banning them from Rez Express areas on campus.

February 8, 11:10 am: Stauffer Library - Staff contacted the ERC to report a student had detained an individual he believed tried to steal his laptop computer.  The Security Supervisor attended and was informed the student had left his laptop unattended for a few minutes and returned to find the suspect exiting the area with his laptop bag slung over his shoulder.  He confronted the individual and escorted him down to the circulation desk where staff contacted Security.  Kingston City Police were informed and Officers were on scene soon afterwards, arresting the suspect and charging him with theft.

February 8, 10:45 am: Stauffer Library - A student reported her black MEC backpack was stolen about 20 minutes earlier while left unattended for about 7 minutes.

UPDATE: On February 10, the student contacted Security to report her belongings had been found later that night.  The bag was found tucked under some shelves and her wallet was discovered in a garbage can in the 3rd floor men's washroom.  All the items were intact except for a small amount of cash and two credit cards that had since been cancelled.

February 7, 2:10 pm: Stauffer Library - The ERC was informed that three separate thefts were recently reported in the library.  Two school bags and one jacket were stolen but were soon located elsewhere in the building - no report of any personal items missing.

February 5, 10:45 pm: Stauffer Library - A student reported someone stole his black "Hugo Boss" bomber jacket off the back of a chair while it was left unattended for a short while. He phoned the ERC back soon afterwards when the jacket was located in another area of the same floor.

February 5, 5:10 pm: Stauffer Library - A student reported her dark brown "Diesel" brand wallet was stolen while she was studying. She was advised to have the washrooms checked, in case the thief dumped the wallet after removing cash and/or credit cards, and to cancel her credit cards asap if not found.

February 5, 11:30 am: Stauffer Library - A caller reported a wallet was stolen from his jacket pocket while he left it unattended at a desk for about an hour. He was advised to check the washrooms in case it was rifled through and dumped there, and then to cancel any bank or credits cards that were in the wallet.

February 5, 10:45 am: Stauffer Library - A student reported his black kit bag, primarily containing text book and notes, was stolen from where he'd left it unattended.  After searching the library, the bag was soon found in another part of the building. All the contents were still inside except for some of his ID.

February 4, 3:00 pm: Stauffer Library - A commissionaire contacted the ERC to report three individuals had personal items stolen. 

  • One couple left a backpack unattended for an hour while they left to get some lunch, and returned to discover it missing. The back pack was later found between some shelves on the third floor, but the contents were gone.
  • Another person had their brown cloth wallet stolen from the 2nd floor while left unattended.
  • A third person also had a wallet stolen, but it was dropped off at the circulation desk by an unknown individual and returned to its owner.

February 2, 12:20 pm: PhysEd Centre - Campus Security received a report that a knapsack was stolen from an unlocked locker in the women's change room sometime between 11:40 am and 12:20 pm. It is a large white, grey and black knapsack that contained miscellaneous clothing.

Please do not leave personal items unattended and/or unsecured, even for a brief time. There were 124 reported incidents of thefts under $5000 (not involving Queen's property) in 2003.  There were 149 such incidents reported in 2002, 149 in 2001, 109 in 2000, 276 in 1999, and 206 in 1998.


February 26, 12:25 am: West Campus - A KGH employee reported her vehicle was broken into between 3pm and 11pm while parked at the West Campus parking lot.  A purse was stolen in the break in and a report was filed with Kingston City Police.

There were 9 incidents recorded as "Theft from Vehicle" in 2003 - 28 such incidents in 2002 and 16 in 2001. If you have to leave valuables inside your vehicle, be sure to lock them in the trunk - never leave them where they can be seen from outside the vehicle.


February 23, 11:55 pm: Off Campus - A student contacted the Emergency Report Centre to report an encounter she had with an unknown male earlier in the evening.  The caller stated while walking through the "Ace" parking lot at Albert & Princess Streets she noticed the man walking towards her.  When they got closer, he asked her where she was going and then asked if he could accompany her to her destination. When she declined he grabbed her arm but she managed to break free and ran to her home and call the ERC.

The student reported she has seen this individual a number of times in the past, including outside the Harbour Lights Bldg on Princess Street. 

He is described as being a Black male, about 6'+ tall in his mid to late 30s and has a 'cratered' face.  At the time of this incident he was wearing a dark colour coat, dark pants and a black toque (no glasses or facial hair).  A report was also filed with Kingston City Police.

If you have had a similar experience, please contact Kingston City Police @ 549-2111 and Queen's Emergency Report Centre @ 533-6111

If you require an escort during the evening, please call Walkhome at 533-9255 (533-WALK).  According to their website, Walkhome's escort boundaries are "south to Lake Ontario, west to West Campus, north to York St. (a few blocks north of Princess Street) and to east to Ontario street". If you require an escort from one area of campus to another after Walkhome's hours of operation, you can contact Campus Security at 533-6080 or by using a Campus payphone, assistance phone, or emergency "blue light" phone.


February 23, 8:05 pm: Campus - A Security Patrol, while doing an interior building check, found an alarmed area with an unarmed system. The Security Supervisor was informed, attended, ensured the area was secure, and armed the alarm system.

February 15, 12:30 am: Campus - Similar incident as above.

When leaving a room at the end of the day please ensure that the doors and windows are locked and secured and that all alarms are armed. 


February 22, 5:55 pm: Student Housing Area - A student living in a house near main campus reported they were broken into between 6:10 pm and 8:45 pm the previous day. The caller reported all the doors were locked but one was forcibly pushed open to gain access.  Three laptop computers - a Toshiba and two Dells - were stolen in the incident. A report was also filed with Kingston City Police.

Please ensure that your doors and windows are locked at all times and that your curtains are drawn. Report any suspicious activity around your home immediately to Campus Security (533-6733) and to Kingston City Police (549-2111).

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