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ARCHIVE: July 2004


July 30, 12:45 pm: Underground Garage - A caller using a blue light emergency phone reported a woman was feeling dizzy in one of the garage's stairwells and may need medical attention. The Security Supervisor was dispatched and within a few minutes requested an ambulance attend. Security stationed themselves just outside the garage, to direct the ambulance to the individual's location, while she was tended to by another woman at the scene. Paramedics arrived within five minutes and after a brief assessment transported the woman to KGH for treatment.

Campus Security responded to 246 Medical Assistance (Injury/Ambulance Request) calls in 2003.  There were 225 such incidents in 2002, 151 such incidents in 2001, 116 such incidents in 2000, 134 in 1999, and 69 in 1998. Please see our Stats link for additional statistical information.


July 28, 9:25 pm: JDUC - A caller reported his bike was stolen sometime within the previous few hours.  It is a white Swann 21 speed bike with black handlebars that had been secured with a coil lock. The owner stated he'd broken off his key in the lock and had left to get a new key from home before returning to find the bike gone. He was also advised to file a report with Kingston City Police.

July 18, 11:20 am: Waldron Tower - The Residence's desk clerk contacted the ERC to report someone staying there had their bike stolen from outside the building. No details about the bike were provided however it was reported a suspicious individual had been spotted around the bike racks during that night..

July 16, 5:45 pm: Biosciences Complex - A caller reported his bicycle was stolen while secured to the racks with a combination cable lock. It is a yellow and gray Norco bike - serial# 00F0022643.  The caller was also advised to inform Kingston City Police.

July 14, 6:50 pm: McArthur Hall - A student attended the Security office to report his friend's red 24-speed Bianchi Niali bike was stolen while secured with a cable lock outside McArthur hall. A report had already been filed with Kingston City Police.

July 14, 5:10 pm: Stirling Hall - A caller reported his bike was stolen while locked with a cable lock - sometime between 1:00 and 5:00 pm that day.  It is a neon green Santa Cruz bike with a suspension fork and disc brakes. A report was also filed with KPD.

July 12, 12:45 pm: Jean Royce Hall - A student reported the cable lock used to secure his blue 12-speed bicycle to the racks outside was cut and his bike stolen sometime within the previous few days.  He was advised to also file a report with Kingston City Police.

Bicycles should always be locked up. However, even a locked bike can be vandalized or stolen. If you view suspicious persons or activity around a bicycle rack, or a locked bicycle elsewhere, please contact Campus Security right away.  If you discover your bike is missing, contact Campus Security and Kingston Police as soon as possible. Check out our "locking up your bicycle" page for some helpful tips.
There were 31 reports of bikes/bike parts stolen in 2003, 51 in 2002, 52 in 2001 and 36 such reports in 2000.


July 28, 1:30 pm: Mackintosh Corry Hall - A staff member contacted Security to report her vehicle appeared to have been purposely scratched sometime during the day.  The Security Supervisor attended to meet the caller and filed a report. The owner was also advised to contact the Queen's Parking Department.

July 22, 11:20 pm; Campus - While on mobile patrol of main campus, the Security Supervisor and Patrol observed a large group of people carrying open alcohol in the Queen's Crescent area.  As Security drove up towards the group, one of the individuals ran directly towards the (unmarked) vehicle and threw himself onto its hood.  When the Security staff exited the vehicle, several members of the group dropped their alcohol and fled the scene - the suspect who jumped on the car also started to leave but was detained.  He was apologetic for his actions and provided identification when asked. After the vehicle was inspected  -  and several scratches & a small dent  noted - the individual offered to pay for the damages and agreed to have Security contact him the next day.  

July 11, 3:40 am: Clark Hall - An intrusion alarm activated for the Campus Bookstore and Security was informed to attend. The Security Supervisor and a Patrol arrived to discover someone had thrown a rock through a door window. The rock caused some damage to a display case inside, but access was not gained by the perpetrator.  A contact person was informed of the incident and attended to check out the damage and a PPS tradesman was called in to board up the door until permanent repairs could be made.

Campus Security dealt with 123 "Mischief Under $5000" incidents in 2003. There were 110 such incidents 2002, 104 in 2001, 118 in 2000, 82 in 1999, and 98 in 1998.


July 27, 2:00 pm: Campus - A Security Patrol, while doing an interior building check, found an alarmed area with an unarmed system. The Security Supervisor was informed, attended, ensured the area was secure, and armed the alarm system.

July 22, 2:45 am: Campus - similar incident as above.

When leaving a room at the end of the day please ensure that the doors and windows are locked and secured and that all alarms are armed.


July 26, 11:30 pm: Richardson Stadium - The Emergency Report Center was contacted by a vehicle owner reporting his car was broken into - while parked in the North lot - sometime within the previous 8 hours. Nothing was missing from inside and a report was also filed with Kingston City Police.

There were 9 incidents recorded as "Theft from Vehicle" in 2003 - 28 such incidents in 2002 and 16 in 2001. If you have to leave valuables inside your vehicle, be sure to lock them in the trunk - never leave them where they can be seen from outside the vehicle.


Vehicle Fire at Underground GarageJuly 26, 3:15 pm: Underground Garage -  An active fire alarm was indicated for the garage on Stuart Street and both KFD & Security were informed to attend.  Upon arrival, Security determined the alarm was set off by a vehicle fire that had been extinguished by two people who were in the area.  KFD ensured the fire was out completely and the vehicle owner was contacted by the ERC, informed of the incident and arranged to have it towed from the lot.  The incident is being investigated but there was no immediate indication that the fire was intentionally set.
Picture from Vehicle Fire at the Underground Garage /

July 16, 5:00 pm: JDUC - A custodian contacted the ERC to report smoke coming from an elevator shaft in the building.  The caller activated the fire alarm system and both Security & KFD - still on scene at the PhysEd Centre nearby - attended immediately. Upon arrival they found smoke in the basement control room and shut down the elevator.  Power was cut to the area and an elevator tradesman was called in to make repairs.

Fire at PhysEd CentreJuly 16, 4:20 pm: PhysEd Centre - Staff contacted the ERC to report smoke and fire at the back of the PhysEd Centre.  KFD and Security were informed to attend - the Security Supervisor was first on scene and cleared traffic & pedestrians just as KFD arrived. Fire fighters quickly extinguished the flames and then checked surrounding areas to ensure no "hot spots" remained.  KFD determined two large recycling bins had been purposely set on fire.  Queen's Environmental Health & Safety staff were also informed and on scene for the incident.
Pictures taken from Fire at the PhysEd Centre /

July 3, 6:50 pm: Residences - A fire alarm activated in a campus Residence, and both Security & KFD were informed to attend.  They arrived on scene at the same time and attended the active zone where a large number of people were found standing in the corridor.  The group reported someone had set off a firework inside a nearby room and it had spun across the carpet, leaving scorch marks in its path and a large oval burned patch where it came to rest. A few of the individuals on scene took responsibility for setting it off and - after the Fire captain was informed - it was decided the matter would be dealt with internally by the University.  The guilty parties were informed of the obvious safety and property hazards that could result from setting off fireworks inside a room, and the group as a whole was cautioned for not evacuating the building when the alarm sounded.


July 25, 4:05 pm: Walter Light Hall - The ERC received a call that two pigeons had entered a lab and the caller was concerned about equipment inside being damaged.  The Security Supervisor attended and soon reported back that the pigeons were gone, but custodial was required to attend for clean up.

July 22, 11:25 pm: JDUC - The ERC received a report of a raccoon walking around inside the building.  The Security Supervisor attended to find an exterior door to the building propped open but no sign of the raccoon - who likely exited through that door.


July 22, 4:20 pm; Botterell Hall - A caller reported encountering a suspicious individual inside the building about an hour and a half earlier..  When approached, the man stated he was looking for an exit and then he is assumed to have left the building.  A little later, two students informed the staff member that they had also spotted the same individual sitting inside a lab. 
Nothing was reportedly missing from the lab however there was a report received the next day from a staff member who had two credit cards stolen from her wallet while it was left in a closed but unlocked room that morning.  The victim was not aware of the theft until her credit card company contacted her about unusual usage. It is not known if these two incidents are related.

The suspect seen by staff and students during that day was described as a tall Black male with a medium build and in business attire.

Please contact Campus Security (533-6111) immediately if you observe suspicious persons or activity. Campus Security dealt with 222 incidents classified as "Suspicious Persons" in 2003. There were 207 such incidents in 2002, 165 in 2001, 210 in 2000, 248 in 1999, and 201 in 1998 .


July 22, 2;15 pm: Campus - Staff contacted Security to report some petty cash was missing from a box kept in their office. An old laptop may also have been stolen at the same time, but they were still in the midst of contacting other staff to ensure it hadn't been legitimately borrowed instead.

There were 51 theft and 37 Break & Enter incidents involving Queen's property in 2003.  There were 33 theft and 22 B&Es in 2002, 64 theft and 27 B&Es in 2001, 45 theft and 44 B&Es in 2000, and 104 theft & 34 B&Es in 1999. See our Stats link for more statistical information.
Note: City Police have recovered some items in the past but had no way of identifying them as Queen's property.  See "Protect Yourself Against Equipment Theft" in Safety Tips & Products.


July 9, 12;10 am: JDUC - While on mobile patrol of campus, the Security supervisor observed seven student aged males and a student aged female - wearing only their undergarments - run by and enter the JDUC.  One of the males was stopped and explained the group had just been paid and were heading to the Queen's Pub to see if they could get served.  The Security Supervisor attended the QP and was informed by staff that three of the individuals had run through the pub but didn't stop to order any drinks.  A search of the building was not successful in locating the group.


July 1, 9:40 am: Off Campus - Kingston City Police contacted Security to report recovering a (previously stolen) student's laptop computer.  They did not have home contact information for the student and requested Security get hold of him so the laptop could be returned.  Security located a contact number for the student and he was informed to contact City Police.

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